Department of Family and Social Medicine

Family Medicine Curriculum

Required Rotations for Three-Year Family Medicine Residency

Rotation PGY 1 PGY 2 PGY 3

Inpatient NW7

3-4 cycles days

4-6 weeks nights

*in addition, everyone does  1-2 shift (Fri, Sat or Sun) during the orientation weekends

1&½* cycles days

2–4* weeks nights

*in addition, everyone does 2 wks during cycle 5, either NF or days

1 cycle days

2 weeks nights



One cycle  



2 weeks either year



2 weeks either year

Info Mastery for Social Medicine 


Cycle 4


Family Centered Maternity Care (FCMC)-Well Baby/OB


One cycle




2 weeks either year



One cycle either year



One cycle


Health Systems


Cycle 12

Medical ER


One cycle



15 patients (2 weeks or one cycle




2 cycles (30 deliveries)





2 weeks either year


One cycle




One Cycle either year


2 Cycles




6 weeks either year (2 wks – “mandatory elective)



One cycle either year or (2) 2-week blocks



Substance Abuse*


2 weeks



One Cycle either year

Surgical ER


One Cycle either year

Sports Medicine 


One Cycle either year


One Cycle Each Year

*Peds OPD can be at school-based health clinic longitudinally  



You may only be away from your continuity practice at clinic for 4 weeks at a time.  If you do a month-long “away rotation”, such as vacation/NF, or “away elective”, you must be at clinic for both the month before and after this cycle.

Established Electives (easily planned):
Rehab Medicine Social Medicine ProjectMedical Spanish (Cycle 2)
NeurologyHIV STD Course
GIPlanned ParenthoodBiopyschosocial
Resident as Teacher (RAT)  CCU Adolescent Medicine
Homeless Care  Palliative Care Off Service
RadiologyMarginalized Populations

Other Electives available:
Infectious Disease Rheumatology Travel Medicine
Global Health (June) Psych  Dept of Health (DOH)
Child Development/Kennedy Center *(also available for mandatory 2-wk elective for Peds OPD)
Substance Abuse:  Hazelden – schedule 2 weeks (1st week = course; 2nd week = clinic).  Alternate option: 
PAAT – Monday through Thursday 4 pm-8 pm.


Explanation of RRC Program Requirements

  1. PEDS: 4 months
    infants, childrens, FCMC, (2wks)Peds OPD, 
    2 wks other peds (OPD, ER, adolescent, school health, pulm, etc.)
  2. ER: 2 months (Med ER, Peds ER)
  3. Surgery: 2 months  (Surgery (includes going to the OR three times in the month), Surgical ER)
  4. Orthopedics: 2 months(Ortho, Sports Med)
  5. Nursing Home: follow 2 patients monthly over your PGY2/3 years.
  6. Home Visits: 2 home visits over your PGY2/3 years, one of which must be a geriatric patient.
  7. Continuity clinic: minimum 40 wks/year.  Must have a ratio of 1 preceptor to 4 residents
  8. Continuity Patients:
    • 150 as a PGY1
    • 1500 combined PGY2/3 years (about 600 PGY2 & 900 PGY3)
    • visits to see your continuity patients when they are postpartum, admitted, or as a home visit can all be documented and counted towards these numbers.
  9. Deliveries: 40 total over the 3 years, of which at least 10 must be continuity patients
  10. Cycle 5: for PGY2s – either 2wks days or 2 wks nights on a “PGY2-exclusively” staffed inpatient family medicine service.
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