Department of Family and Social Medicine

Class of 2012

Alice Teich
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Alice has long been a passionate advocate for justice and is excited to use her medical training to this end. Alice has volunteered as a health educator, tutor and environmental advocate in her home state of North Carolina. She has previously worked as a phone counselor at a crisis and suicide talk line as well as provided counseling for individuals engaged in sex work. Her interest in international health (and Spanish!) drew her to work at hospitals in Mexico and with midwives in Guatemala. After undergrad, she studied pelvic pain at UNC and interned at Physicians for Social Responsibility in Washington DC. During medical school, she was very active with AMSA and also helped establish a comprehensive recycling program at her institution. Alice is ecstatic to be a part of the amazing social family medicine program at Monte!


Carol Mendez
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey/R.W. Johnson Med School

Carol was active in the National Boriqua and Latino Health Organization where she worked extensively with the local Latino immigrant population to address community health issues.  She also volunteered at her school’s student run clinic as both an interpreter and a clinician.  Carol has done research on factors influencing Latina women’s decisions about family planning; her work was published in The Journal of Women's Health.  She has also studied community medicine and has been an active health educator in her community.  She is passionate about immigrant-political issues and has been a community organizer to obtain equal access to higher education for undocummented youth.  Carol is fluent in Spanish and a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.


James Huang
University of Vermont College of Medicine

James hails from Farmington, CT and is committed to health education and community advocacy.  He has worked in the Los Angeles area as an interfaith community chaplain, HIV/AIDS outreach program organizer, and health benefits advocate.  At the University of Vermont College of Medicine, he continued to work as a community educator through the Smile Docs program and the Schweitzer Fellows Program, where he and his partner developed an HIV/AIDS curriculum for high school students.  He is also interested in international health and spent a year in China teaching English and medical English.  He is fluent in American Sign Language and Spanish and is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.  In his free time, he enjoys running, cooking, travelling, and doing crossword puzzles.


Jennifer Roth
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Yeshiva University

Jen in interested in women’s health and has participated in research about pharmacists’ views on emergency contraception.  She also interviewed hundreds of women as part of a study about the acceptability of incorporating family planning into a primary care setting and has worked on a project assessing how physician’s counsel patients about osteoporosis prevention.  Jen was an active member of Medical Students for Choice and the American Medical Women’s Association.  She was a leader in her school’s Student Affairs Committee and Division of Education Committee.


Rachelle Darout
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey/R.W. Johnson Med School

Rachelle was active in her medical school’s student run clinic and advocated for this underserved population both as a clinician and as a clinic grant writer.  She also volunteered to provide clinical care to incarcerated individuals and was a leader of her school’s SNMA chapter.  Rachelle remained active in her church community and volunteered as a choir director, Sunday school teacher, and tutor.  She also worked as a database researcher at both the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and at Rutgers.  She is fluent in Haitian Creole.


Ruth Stefanski 
Georgetown University School of Medicine

As a psychology major at Notre Dame, Ruth was spent time learning about the medical needs of underserved communities in Harlem and Applachia.  She worked as a clinical assistant at a senior center and volunteered teaching hands-on science to high school students.  She was active in the Georgetown Medical Note Taking Service while in medical school and regularly hosted prospective medical students.  Ruth is interested in fully integrating psychology and behavioral science in her family medicine practice. 


Shuchin Shukla
Tulane University School of Medicine

Shuchin is committed to community medicine and received his MPH from Tulane University as part of a joint MD/MPH program.  He was a volunteer at Common Ground, a free clinic created after hurricane Katrina, and worked as a community educator and advocate for the health of the underserved.  Shuchin was also active in his medical school’s outreach program to Romania and its alternative and complimentary medicine student group.  He served on the community service student council and is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. 


Sherifia Heron
Medical University Of The Americas

Sheri attended college at the City University of New York at Lehman College in the Bronx and has remained active mentoring Lehman students considering a career in medicine.  She has also been a mentor in Montefiore’s Child Maternal Health summer program.  While in medical school, Sheri volunteered with a community outreach team that provided health education at community events and supported local high school students interested in science and medicine.  After medical school graduation, Sheri spent a year working as a clinical interviewer and recruiter for Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Hispanic Community Health Study/ Study of Latinos.


Sophia Feng
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Yeshiva University

Sophia was born in Taiwan and grew up in Queens, NY. She has been in various boroughs in New York ever since, from attending Stuyvesant High School, Queens College, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She speaks Taiwanese, Mandarin, and some Spanish. Sophia is an accomplished pianist and violist and was involved in the Albert Einstein Symphony Orchestra and toured Europe and Taiwan with a NYC community youth orchestra. She participated in research during medical school studying the relationship between obesity and fertility. She was an active member of the Einstein Christian Fellowship and has an interest in global health, having been involved in organizing a trip to provide free medical care in Guatemala. 


Todd Jarrell
University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

 Todd grew up outside of Richmond, Virginia, and spent his teenage years working and living on a llama and cattle farm. While attending college at the University of Wisconsin, Todd worked as a program aide and counselor at a homeless shelter for the mentally ill.  He also volunteered at a community health center and advocated for affordable housing and tenants rights as an elected member of the Madison city council.  Todd is fluent in Spanish and spent time living in Guatemala where he volunteered as a health educator and helped run a rural clinic.  He's also worked as a baker, a cook, a busboy, a farmhand, a social worker, a club manager, and a proctor for law students with disabilities. During medical school, Todd coordinated student volunteer activities at two student run medical clinics for the homeless and participated in community health education events.  In his abundant free time as a resident he loves to listen to music, go for a run, or cook food with friends

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