Department of Family and Social Medicine

Class of 2015


Monday, April 23, 2018 | 12:00 PM
"Antibiotic Efficacy and Bacterial Metabolism"
Price Center/Block Pavilion, LeFrak Auditorium

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 1:00 PM
"Identifying Correlates of Immune-mediated Elimination of Productively and Latently HIV-infected T Cells."
Forchheimer Medical Science Building, 3rd Fl. Lecture Hall

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Ambrogi Illana Ambrogi MD
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine  

Illana earned her B.S. in Biology and Psychology from the University Of North Carolina. She was awarded a Global Health Fellowship for a primary care rotation in a medically underserved area of Santiago, Chile. She was also given a Student Summer Research Program Award to study MRI, CT and diffusion imaging of pancreatic cystic lesions and create a categorized database. She served as the Coordinator for the Community Health Clinic Psychiatry, a student-run free clinic providing community based psychiatric services. She co-presented on this work with a poster titled, The CHCpsych student run psychiatry clinic: a model for free psychiatric care and community based psychiatry education at the American Psychiatric Association 61st Institute on Psychiatric Services and the Northwestern University Psychiatry Department Scholar’s Day. She worked as a research assistant in the Department of Neurology and investigated the relationship between hormonal contraceptive use and restless legs syndrome. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys Latin music and dance, reading and travel.


Nickisha Berlus MD
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/RW Johnson Medical School  

Nickisha earned a B.A. in history with a premed concentration from Columbia University. She was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society, awarded the Lester S. Lages Scholarship and the Family Medicine Education Consortium Scholarship. She served as a student doctor for medically uninsured patients at the Urban Health Initiative HOP clinic. She worked as a provider and advocate for very vulnerable patients as part of the Adult Outreach Health Project under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Brenner. She served as a volunteer on several medical missions to Haiti and traveled to Ecuador to study medical Spanish and health systems and provide patient education. As a member of the Student National Medical Association Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program she helped tutor and mentor high school students from backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine. She led many service projects as the Community Service Chair for SNMA, including Community Health Awareness Campaigns to educate predominantly black and Latino communities of New Brunswick about diabetes, heart disease and cancers, as well as, organize humanitarian aid for Haiti after the earthquake. She speaks Haitian-Creole and Spanish. She enjoys knitting, cooking Haitian cuisine and travel.


Mindy Brittner MD
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/RW Johnson Medical School  

Mindy Brittner received a B.A. in English and Human Rights from Barnard College. She was inducted into the AOA Honor Society and the Gold Humanism Society, awarded the Hippocrates Scholarship and graduated with Distinction in Service to the Community. As a research fellow with Dr. Karen Bonuck at Einstein she was awarded grant funding to conduct qualitative analysis of data from Dr. Bonuck’s NIH-funded clinical trial of care-based interventions to increase breastfeeding in low-income women. Her research resulted in three publications in peer-reviewed journals and a poster presentation. She worked as a research assistant to Dr. Ernie Drucker conducting research on the epidemiology of incarceration for his book "A Plague of Prisons". She also worked as an intern with the Bronx Defenders and assisted Dr. Drucker with a pilot study of the effects of short term incarceration on children of the incarcerated. She provided care to uninsured patients as a student doctor at the Promise Clinic in New Brunswick. She has volunteered extensively, including a medical mission in Ghana, teaching child health to mom’s in the SALUD Mom’s Health Literacy Project, teaching sex ed for 200 students at a Brooklyn school with no formal sexual health education program and to middle schoolers through the HIPHOP program, as well as many other volunteer experiences too numerous to mention. She is fluent in Spanish. She enjoys running, writing, teaching and volunteering.


Elena Creamer MD, MPH
Albert Einstein College of Medicine  

Elena Creamer received a B.S. in Biology from the University of California Davis. While at AECOM, she also earned an MPH degree from Harvard School of Public Health. She was inducted into the AOA Honor Society, recognized by her classmates with a 2010 Gold Humanism Award and by AECOM Alumni with the Einstein Award for Student Excellence. For her MPH degree, she performed a community needs assessment for homeless transgendered men in Boston. She served as a health educator for uninsured Bronx residents through the Einstein Community Health Organization. She spent a month in Dehra Run India shadowing traditional practitioners of Indian Medicine. As a co-organizer and Board Member she established the Einstein Umbrella Organization to coordinate socially conscious clubs and activism activities. She was a Board member of the Student Run Social Medicine Course at Einstein and of Medical Students for Choice. She served as Co-President of her 2011 Einstein Class and as a member of the Faculty Senate. She is conversant in Spanish. She enjoys reading, running, dancing, yoga, kayaking and travel.


Sandra Fernandez MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine  

Sandra earned her B.A. in sociology from Stony Brook University. Her honors thesis was a study of depression in college students. She was named a Service and Research Golding Scholar in recognition of academic excellence and dedication to the community. She worked as a volunteer with Interhealth South America in Quito, Ecuador providing free medical care for local and indigenous communities that lacked access to care. She participated in the Family Medicine Summer Preceptorship program. She was the secretary for the Einstein chapter of the American Geriatrics Society. She served as co-president of the Family and Social Medicine Interest Group. She is a trained, certified phone counselor and volunteered with a 24-hour crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline. She received formal training as a mentor and mentored Spanish-speaking youth experiencing difficulty with social interactions. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys ballroom dancing, music and tennis.


Marie Flores MD, MPH, PhD
University of Utah School of Medicine  

Marie earned her B.A. in Spanish and premedical studies from Davidson College. She also earned an MPH and a Ph.D. in epidemiology from UCLA. Marie has been awarded many scholarships including the Noall Scholarship, the Founder’s Day Achievement Scholarship, the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation Scholarship, the Sternberg-Cronkite Endowed Scholarship and the Sorenson Legacy Foundation Scholarship. Her impressive record of volunteerism and mentorship was recognized with the Latino Medical Student Association Community Service Award. She has served as the co-president and VP for mentorship of the Latino Medical Student Association. She has been the principle investigator on a project to investigate perinatal outcomes using birth certificate and survey data from Utah. This research has resulted in several presentations and submissions for publication. She co-authored an article entitled, "The Latina Paradox" Revisited: The Role of Birthplace and Acculturation in Predicting Infant Low Birth Weight for Latinas in LA, was accepted for publication in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Marie speaks Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys scuba diving, cooking, travel and music.


Oladimeji Oki MD
University of Texas Medical School at Houston  

Ladi earned a B.S. in Human Biology at The University of Texas at Austin. He is dedicated to mentoring especially for disadvantaged and minority students. As a member of the Student National Medical Association, he organized two conferences to help pre-medical students build skills for gaining acceptance to medical school. He served as the liaison between SNMA and the Member and Minority Association of Pre-medical Students. In this role he organized a Black History Month program. He served as a mentor and tutor to college students as part of the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program in Houston. He served as a volunteer organizer for a service project through the AIDS Foundation of Houston to enhance and improve the physical environment at a transitional living facility for HIV positive patients transitioning from homelessness. He enjoys reading and basketball.


John Okrent MD
University of Buffalo State University of New York School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences  

John earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College. He was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society and was selected to be the keynote speaker at the induction ceremony. John initiated and co-lead an effort to build a self-sustaining community garden at Light House Clinic in the Lord of Life Church which is located in the east side of Buffalo. Community volunteers who helped build it now maintain the garden. The garden continues to thrive and more beds have been added. He served as a manager and student doctor at the Light House Free Medical Clinic in Buffalo. John served as a volunteer translator and medical assistant at the Jericho Road Refugee Clinic in Buffalo. He also volunteered as an interpreter and medical assistant in Niamey, Niger Africa with the International Organization for Women and Development. His is an award- winning writer and his work was recognized with the Bridport International Poetry Prize in 2007, The Literary Buffalo Audience Award for Best Poem in 2011 and The Bard Prize for Original Artwork or Creative Writing in 2004. He speaks French and is learning Spanish. He enjoys writing, social justice and advocacy, camping, tango and playing the trumpet.


Jennifer Rasanathan MD, MPH
University of Michigan Medical School  

Jennifer earned her B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Spanish with a minor in women’s studies. She received her MPH from the Harvard University School of Public Health. She was inducted into the AOA Honor Society and graduated with Academic Distinction and Distinction in Service. She received the University of Michigan Academic Recognition Award, The AMWA Glasgow-Rubin Achievement Citation, the UMMS Department of Family Medicine Kessler Award, and the UMMS Morse Full Tuition Scholarship. She completed an internship with the WHO Department of Gender, Women and Health. She developed and applied an analytical framework to assess adherence to the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and summarized her findings in a formal report. She was subsequently hired by WHO to compile gender-sensitive health indicators for use by countries interested in measuring gender-based inequalities. She co-coordinated a conference with the Group on Reproductive Health and Rights on " The Pregnancy Intentions of HIV-Positive Women". The conference resulted in several position papers, a conference abstract and updated literature review. As a policy and advocacy intern with the International AIDs Society, she organized a meeting on HIV, Economics and Health Systems. She participated in research on PICC lines and their relationship to bacteremia and thromboemboli. She worked as a Steering Committee member and Project Director for the Quito Project aimed at reducing health inequities in low-income communities in Quito, Ecuador. She speaks Spanish and French. She enjoys running, cooking and travel.


Maki Sato MD
Georgetown University School of Medicine  

Maki earned her B.A. in Sociology, Anthropology and Biology from Swarthmore College. As a student volunteer she provided care to patients at the HOYA student-run free clinic adjacent to a homeless shelter in Washington, DC. She has received training in leadership and integrative medicine. She served as a tutor and MCAT review instructor. As a research assistant for Dr. Susan Mulroney at Georgetown, she investigated the effects of diabetes on cognitive function in rats. She volunteered on Georgetown’s Beautification Committee and helped increase recycling, created a mural in a student hallway and an indoor fountain and meditation corner in a student lounge. She participated in the Culture Track at Georgetown, a 4-year longitudinal track to learn about cultural perspectives on health and medicine. She worked as an employment specialist with Green Door in Washington, DC to assist individuals with severe mental illness to find and maintain permanent employment. She is conversant in Japanese and intermediate in Spanish. She enjoys swing dancing, yoga, photography and biking.


Eugene Schiff MD, MPH
Tuft University School of Medicine  

Eugene earned his B.A. in History with a minor in Latin American Studies at Tufts; his thesis was entitled Public or Private? A Political History of Health Care in Chile. He was awarded a Fullbright Research Scholarship to study the introduction of new rapid HIV tests and incipient access to antiretroviral medicines in Honduras. He served as President of the Tufts Medical Student Global Health Interest Group and of the Physicians for Human Rights group at Tufts. He worked for the Agua Buena Association on various projects in different countries and with different roles between 2004 and 2007. He served as the Caribbean Region Coordinator for the Agua Buena Human Rights Association and was responsible for coordinating research, advocacy and publications. His research was focused on islands with high rates of HIV/AIDs and little access to medications; the resulting reports successfully produced responses from high-level funds, foundations and programs. He documented HIV treatment access and human rights issues throughout the region. He served as the Project coordinator for the Agua Buena HIV&TB Co-infection Advocacy Project. He successfully wrote and implemented a grant from the Open Society Institute for research and advocacy related to HIV/TB co-infection which promoted synergistic strategies to address these dual epidemics in the region. He also participated in a research and advocacy project with Agua Buena India analyzing HIV/AIDs treatment access. He served as the lead research coordinator and author for six International Treatment Preparedness Coalition reports documenting HIV/AIDs treatment access in the Dominican Republic between 2005-8, aimed at identifying and overcoming barriers to HIV/AIDs services and greater agency accountability for treatment targets. His self-designed MPH research project involved working with the Venezuelan Ministry of Health Department of Indigenous Health to analyze how political change and government policy have influenced the health system in Venezuela. His presentations and online publications are too numerous to list. He speaks Spanish. He enjoys biking, baseball, travel, reading and visiting museums.


Sarah Stumbar MD, MPH
The School of Medicine at Stonybrook University Medical Center  

Sarah earned her B.A. in History of Medicine and Science at Yale University and her MPH from Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia. Sarah served as a student member on the LCME working group on evaluations and assessments. She was one of ten students selected to be a teaching assistant for the Foundations of Medical Practice Course. She was a student coordinator for Medical Students for Choice. As a summer research assistant for Dr. Margi Gold, she assisted with a study of. urban patients attitudes and preferences toward reproductive health services. She was a member of the Steering Committee of the Stony Brook Health Outreach and Medical Education student-run free clinic. In her role as a Public Policy Intern for the Susan G Komen Foundation, she authored a policy report which advocates for treatment coverage for all women regardless of insurance status and lead a campaign advocating for Emergency Medicaid to continue to cover undocumented immigrant women. At the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corp in the Bronx she worked as the Program Director for Peer Health Education on projects for low income housing, teen groups for girls, afterschool programs and facilities to help community members build micro-enterprise businesses. As a public policy intern for the Center for Health and Gender Equity, she started grassroots activism in support of the PATHWAY Act, a bill that would eliminate the abstinence only clause in international HIV funding. Sarah speaks Spanish. When she was young she wanted to be a WWII historian, the first female baseball umpire and a transplant surgeon.

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