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Broken Promises to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 14 Years Later (pdf)
Surgeon General's Report 2014 (pdf)  
Let's Make the Next Generation Smoke-free (pdf)  
SG Report Findings Youth and Young Tobacco Use 2012 ( pdf 
How Tobacco Smoking Causes Disease ( pdf 
Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Prevention 2014 (pdf) 


 ADA Smoking and Tobacco Cessation   

 ADA Summary and policy of recommendations regarding tobacco:    



Bronx BREATHES Pamphlets:

It's not easy, but millions of people have quit smoking (pdf  

For Help Quitting Smoking:

10 Things you didn't know about smoking (pdf)
30 Health reasons not to use tobacco products (pdf)
4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke (pdf)
Beat boredom (pdf)
Be around smokers (pdf)
Cigars - Know the Facts (pdf)
Enjoy coffee or tea without cigarettes (pdf)
Control your weight when you stop smoking (pdf)
Deal with nicotine withdrawal (pdf)
Diabetes: Another reason to quit (pdf)
Drive without smoking (pdf)
Enjoy meals without smoking (pdf)
Have a drink without lighting up (pdf)
Help a smoker stop smoking (pdf)
How to quit if you live with a smoker (pdf)
Information on stop smoking medications (pdf)
It's never too late to stop smoking (pdf)
New York State Medicaid recipient stop smoking coverage factsheet (pdf)
New York State Smokers Quitline factsheet (pdf)
Relax without smoking (pdf)
Secondhand smoke in your home (pdf)
Stay smoke free (pdf)
Stop smoking for pregnancy and beyond (pdf)
Stop chewing tobacco (pdf)
The truth about secondhand smoke (pdf)
Triggers: lighting up on auto-pilot (pdf)
Turn a relapse into something positive (pdf)
Use the phone without smoking (pdf)
Wake up without lighting up (pdf)
Why not to smoke when you are pregnant (pdf




For Physicians:

Referral from (to refer Bronx BREATHES services) (pdf)
Fax to Quit referral form (For referral to NYS Smokers' Quitline Services) (pdf)
NYS Medicaid Smoking Cessation Policy (pdf)
Clinical Practice Guideline - Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update ( pdf )
Helping Smokers Quit: A Guide for Clinicians ( pdf )
Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence - A Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians ( pdf ) 
Let's Make The Next Generation Tobacco Free (pdf)


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Folletos de Bronx BREATHES:
No es facil, pero millones de personas han dejado de fumar (pdf

Para ayuda a dejar de fumar:
4000 quimicos en cigarillos (pdf)
Aprenda a relajarse sin fumar (pdf)
Como combatir el aburrimiento (pdf)
Disfrute del cafe o del te sin fumar (pdf)
Como controlar el aumento de peso al dejar de fumar (pdf)
Como dejar de fumar durante y despues del embarazo (pdf)
Como guiar sin fumar (pdf)
Como disfrutar de la comida sin fumar (pdf)
Como levantarse sin fumar (pdf)
Como recuperarse de una recaida (pdf)
Como tomar bebidas alcoholicas sin fumar (pdf)
Como ayudar a un fumador en dejar de fumar (pdf)
Humo de segunda mano en su hogar (pdf)
Manejando el estres sin fumar (pdf)
Medicamentos para ayudarle en dejar de fumar (pdf)
Que le provoca fumar (pdf)
Servicios de la linea de ayuda para dejar de fumar en el estado de Nueva York (pdf)


Para Doctores:
Fax to Quit referral form (For referral to NYS Smokers' Quitline Services) (pdf)
NYS Medicaid Smoking Cessation Policy (pdf


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