Jacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Special Features

Medical Simulation 

Simulation CenterThe Institute for Medical Simulation and Advanced Learning (IMSAL) serves the entire eleven-hospital system of the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), providing simulation-based education to advance system-wide patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. 

IMSAL currently offers courses to all 11 HHC hospitals in central line placement and maintenance skills, basic and advanced airway skills, cardiac code team and shoulder dystocia management. Other courses, including pediatric airway management, central line placement skills, and cardiac code team, as well as team training in crisis resource management, are under development. 

Hyperbaric Chamber_2The simulation center houses six simulation rooms replicating operating, intensive care and emergency rooms, as well as four patient exam rooms, a clinical skills room, three debriefing/conference rooms and three control rooms. Cutting edge simulation equipment includes a family of high-fidelity patient mannequins and an array of virtual reality and part-task trainers. Standardized patient actors will also be available, and the facility will be equipped with a state-of-the-art digital audiovisual system to capture and transmit simulations for debriefing and assessment, video conferencing and remote participation.

Hyperbaric Medicine 

Jacobi Medical Center has the only walk-in hyperbaric chamber in the tri-state area and is the NYC referral center for the Divers Alert Network; accordingly, residents gain experience in the treatment of decompression sickness and arterial gas emboli. This unique resource also allows clinicians to use hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy in the treatment of nonhealing ulcers, radiation tissue injury, carbon monoxide poisoning, cyanide poisoning and severe clostridial infections.


Regional Snake Bite Center 

Jacobi Medical Center serves as the only Snake Bite Treatment Center in the tri-state area. Jacobi treats 5 to 10 patients a year who have snakebite injuries serious enough to merit treatment with antivenom.

Interactive Classroom 

foamhttp://jacobiem.org/residency/interactive-classroom/  emrounds.org   

Jacobi residents have to opportunity to be active in the free open-access medical education (FOAM) movement. To this end, residents post critical analyses of current, management-guiding literature as well as recent clinical cases. The site also serves as a platform for discussions on EBM.

Mentoring Program 

The prestigious faculty at Jacobi Medical Center and Montefiore Medical Center offer a broad pallet of clinical expertise from which our residents can gain guidance. Based on their clinical interests, residents are assigned mentors able to provide advice in their clinical field.

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