Jacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine Residency Program



Conferences are held at both the Jacobi and the Montefiore sites. The Emergency Medicine Core Curriculum is covered during Wednesday conferences at Jacobi and schedules have been designed to optimize attendance. Each topic covered in the core curriculum is given a priority. Priority 1 lectures are repeated each year, priority 2 lectures are repeated every 2 years and priority 3 every 3 years. In addition to the core curriculum, there are multiple site-specific lectures available throughout the week. 


Follow-up Rounds

These conferences happen every Friday and are usually organized by the EM-3 on an elective rotation with a faculty member according to a schedule of assignments. This is a case-based, interactive conference, which will be done in oral-boards format. For cases, the presenting resident should make every effort to provide any related imaging studies/EKG, history and physical, differential diagnosis, management issues, any interesting educational points or information about the patient’s outcome. The attending will direct the discussion around the cases. 


Trauma Rounds

Trauma rounds are held every other week at core conference in Building #1, 4th Floor Auditorium. This is an interdepartmental conference provided jointly by the ED staff and the Dept. of Surgery. Challenging trauma cases are selected and presented by the ED staff with the follow-up operative and post-op course provided by the surgical service. One EM-4 Resident will be responsible for choosing interesting cases in conjunction with the Trauma Service and for collecting relevant materials for presentation of the case. 


Morbidity & Mortality Rounds

M&M is held every month. The EM-4 resident and an attending will be assigned to choose cases and provide a presentation and discussion of relevant quality improvement issues. Cases are drawn from Jacobi, Montefiore, or North Central Bronx. 


Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)

EBM is held monthly during conference. One PGY-2 resident works with an attending preceptor to present recently published articles. EBM is an evidence-based approach to answer specific questions relevant to clinical practice.


Journal Club

Residents gather monthly in an informal setting to discuss recent journal articles that affect the practice of emergency medicine. During this meeting, literature is analyzed critically using evidence-based medicine principles. Journal club provides a fun, relaxed venue for residents and attendings to socialize while appraising the evidence supporting current management.

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