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Tumor Microenvironment

We use complex three-dimensional tissue culture models of the tumor microenvironment to address important outstanding questions in the molecular oncology of breast cancer.

1. Regulation of EGFR ligand bioavailabity.

Activation of members of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor family is a key feature of many solid tumors, including breast cancer. Activation of these receptors requires binding by ligands such as EGF, Amphiregulin or TGFa which are synthesized as transmembrane precursors. We are studying the mechanisms by which the production of these growth factors is regulated at both the transcriptional and post-transcriptional stages. We have shown that a metal-dependent protease, TACE/ADAM17, is a critical regulator of EGFR ligand bioavailability as it cleaves both Amphiregulin and TGFa at the cell surface. This implicates TACE as a drugable therapeutic target upstream of EGFR.

2. Investigation of the macrophage-tumor cell dialogue in the breast tumor microenvironment.

Cells of the immune system have long been observed in tumors in close association with neoplastic cells. High levels of macrophage infiltration frequently correlated with increased angiogenesis, tumor invasion and poor prognosis. We are developing three-dimension ex vivo models of the breast tumor microenvironment to explore in detail the interactions between macrophages and breast cancer cells. Understanding the dialogue between these cell types should yield potential new therapeutic targets in the tumor microenvironment.


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