Department of Developmental & Molecular Biology

DMB Seminars Series 2009/2010

Seminars are on Tuesdays at noon in the Forchheimer 3rd floor lecture room unless otherwise noted. 

Sept 22  Ladonne Schulman Memorial Lecture 
Oct 20  Randal Peterson (Das) 
Nov 3  Todd Waldman (Di Cristofano) 
Dec 1  Helen McNeill (Jenny) 
Dec 15  Kornelia Polyak (Students/Postdocs, Shabbeer) 
Jan 12  Peter Wipff (Das) 
Jan 26  Walther Mothes (Müsch) 
Feb 9  Randy Strich (Di  Cristofano) 
Feb 23  Ming Guo (Cuervo) 
Mar 9  Irina Kavarina (Müsch) 
Mar 23  Paul Adler (Jenny) 
Mar 26  Lisa Coussens (Pollard). Note: this is on a Friday!) 
Apr 6  Lillianna Solnica-Krezel (Marlow) 
Apr 20   
May 4  Ramon Parsons (Kenny) 
May 18   
June 1  Dennis Shields Memorial Lecture 
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