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   Cao, E., Ramagopal, U., Federov, A., Fedorov, L., Yan, Q., Lary, J., Cole, J., Nathenson, S.G., and Almo, S.C. NTB-A crystal structure: homophilic interactions and signaling by the SLAM family of receptors, Immunity, 2006, 25:559-570.

Chattopadhyay, K., Bhatia, S., Fiser, A., Almo, S.C. and Nathenson, S.G. Structural basis of ICOSL costimulatory function: determination of the cell surface oligomeric state and functional mapping of the receptor binding site of the protein. 2006, J. Immunology, 2006, 177:3920-3929.

Cao, E., Zang, X., Ramagopal, Mukhopadhaya, Federov, E., Zencheck, W.D., Lary, J.W., Cole, J.L., Deng, H., Xiao, H., DiLorenzo, T.P., Allison, J.P., Nathenson, S.G. and Almo, S.C. (2007) T cell immunoglobulin mucin-3 crystal structure reveals a novel ligand binding surface, Immunity, 26(3):311-321.

Chattopadhyay, K., U.A. Ramagopal, A. Mukhopadhaya, V.N. Malashkevich, T.P. DiLorenzo, M. Brenowitz, S.G. Nathenson, and S.C. Almo Assembly and structural properties of glucocorticoid-induced TNF receptor ligand: Implications for function, 2007, Proc. Nat’l Acad. of Sci., 104 (49): 19452-19457.

Yan, Q., Malashkevich, V.N., Federov, A., Federov, E., Cao, E., Lary, J.W., Cole, J.L., Nathenson, S.G. and Almo, S.C. The structure of CD84 provides insight into SLAM family function. 2007, Proc. Nat’l Acad. Sci., 104(25): 10583-10588.

Chattopadhyay, K., Ramagopal, U.A., Brenowitz, M., Nathenson, S.G. and Almo, S.C. Evolution of GITRL immune function: Murine GITRL exhibits unique structural and biochemical properties within the TNF superfamily, 2008, Proc. Nat’l Acad. Sci., 105:635-640.

Lazar-Molnar, E., A. Gacser, G.J. Freeman, S.C. Almo, S.G. Nathenson, and J.D. Nosanchuk, The PD-l/PD-L costimulatory pathway critically affects host resistance to the pathogenic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, 2008, Proc. Nat’l Acad.of Sci., 105:2658-63.

Chattopadhyay K, Lazar-Molnar E, Yan Q, Rubinstein R, Zhan C, Bonanno J, Vigdorovich V, Ramagopal UA, Nathenson SG, Almo SC: Sequence, Structure, Function, Immunity: Structural Genomics of Costimulation. 2009, Immunological Reviews 229(1):356-86.

Lazar-Molnar, E., Chen, B., Sweeney, K.A., Wang, E.J., Liu, W., Porcelli, S.A., Almo, S.C., Nathenson, S.G., Jacobs, W.R. Jr., Programmed death-1 (PD-1) deficient mice are extraordinarily sensitive to tuberculosis, 2010, Proc. Nat’l Acad of Sci., PMID: 20624978, 107: 13402-13407.
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