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Dmitry Fyodorov, Ph.D. -- Recent Publications


Assistant Professor
Department of Cell Biology
Chanin Bldg., Room 414

Research Interest 
Recent Publications 


   Lu, X., Wontakal, S.N., Emelyanov, A.V., Morcillo, P., Konev, A.Y., Fyodorov, D.V., and Skoultchi, A.I. (2009). Linker histone H1 is essential for Drosophila development, the establishment of pericentric heterochromatin, and a normal polytene chromosome structure. Genes Dev. 23, 452-465.

Konev, A.Y., Tribus, M., Park, S.Y., Podhraski, V., Lim, C.Y., Emelyanov, A.V., Vershilova, E., Pirrotta, V., Kadonaga, J.T., Lusser, A., and Fyodorov, D.V. (2007). CHD1 motor protein is required for deposition of histone H3.3 into chromatin in vivo. Science 317, 1087-1090.

Fyodorov, D.V., Blower, M.D., Karpen, G.H., and Kadonaga, J.T. (2004). Acf1 confers unique activities to ACF/CHRAC and promotes the formation rather than disruption of chromatin in vivo. Genes Dev. 18, 170-183.

Fyodorov, D.V., and Kadonaga, J.T. (2003). Chromatin assembly in vitro with purified recombinant ACF and NAP-1 [37]. Meth. Enzymol. 371, 499-515.

Fyodorov, D.V., and Kadonaga, J.T. (2002). Dynamics of ATP-dependent chromatin assembly by ACF. Nature 418, 896-900.

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