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Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

Daytime (7am-3pm) Phone: 718.430.3142
Emergency (after hours): 347.920.0847
Fax: 718.430.8996


Thank you for your interest in making an anatomical gift to the Anatomical Donation Program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For more than 60 years, the College of Medicine has been committed to the pursuit of social justice and the development of ethical and compassionate physicians and scientists in an atmosphere of scientific inquiry.


The need for anatomical donation is great and your gift will be honored and valued by many. Your most precious donation will make a highly significant contribution to Einstein’s educational and research mission. It will make possible a unique opportunity for medical students and practicing physicians to learn how the human body can be more thoroughly examined and effectively treated.


We consider fulfilling the wishes of our donors and their families as central to our mission and are dedicated to facilitating the educational and research needs of our students and faculty in an atmosphere of professionalism, scholarship and reflection.


We very much appreciate your interest in the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and your desire to contribute, in this unique and invaluable way, to medical science and education.



Dr. Sherry Downie 

Sherry A. Downie, PhD

Director, Clinical & Developmental Anatomy
Director, Anatomical Donation Program
Departments of Anatomy and Structural Biology
and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



There are two different types of anatomical gifts: the Living Gift and a Deceased’s Donation by the next of kin or Estate. Both types of donations are subject to conditions:

  • Upon receipt, the remains will be kept by the College for a minimum of two years and may be utilized for up to three.
  • The College has the right to decline the donation if, upon inspection, the remains are not suitable for use in medical education or research. A final determination of acceptability will be made at the time the College’s representative arrives to transport the remains to the College.
  • The College will pay for collecting and transporting the remains so long as they are located in the State of New York no further than one hundred miles from the College.

The Program’s full Acceptance Policy is included as the last page in each of the two downloadable donation packets that follow.


Living Gift Donation 

An individual who wishes to enroll in our donation program should download the PDF forms using the link at the end of this section. Enrollment requires that the Donor be physically and legally able to sign these documents indicating his or her decision to join the body donation program.

The completed and signed original forms must then be mailed to:

  Anatomical Donation Program
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Forchheimer Building Room 627N
1300 Morris Park Ave
Bronx, NY 10461-1900

To insure that your donation wishes are known and honored, we urge everyone enrolling to include the following statement in his or her Last Will and Testament: 

"I hereby direct that after my death, my body shall be delivered to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for purposes of medical education and/or research. I further direct that my body will be delivered to said medical school as soon as possible after my death without autopsy or embalming." 

We also highly recommend that you inform your next of kin and family of your decision, give a copy of these signed forms to your next of kin or Executor of your Estate, and make those who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes aware of the conditions associated with your gift to Einstein’s Anatomical Donation Program.

Download Living Gift Enrollment Forms (PDF)


Donation of a Deceased’s Remains 

If the deceased individual is already enrolled in our Program, there is no need to complete these forms.  Please immediately both CALL and EMAIL the Donation Program.  We will return your call and make arrangements to receive and transport the remains to the College as soon as possible.

Daytime (7am-3pm) Phone: 718.430.3142
Emergency (after hours):  347.920.0847

If the deceased is not enrolled in our donation program and you are the next of kin, the Executor of the Estate, or have power of attorney for an individual who wishes to leave his or her body to medical education and research then you must download the PDF forms using the link at the end of this section. 

Please note these forms are to be completed by the next of kin or the Executor of the Estate as soon as possible and FAXED or EMAILED to the Anatomical Donation Program.

Fax: 718.430.8996

Receipt of these signed forms is necessary for us to complete the required paperwork and obtain the certificates and permit that allow us to transport the remains to the College.

The signed original forms must also be mailed to:

  Anatomical Donation Program
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Forchheimer Building Room 627N
1300 Morris Park Ave
Bronx, NY 10461-1900

Click here to download the Donation Forms (PDF) 

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