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Summer Institute in Global Health : Program Structure and Goals

By the conclusion of the Summer Institute, students will have a greater understanding of the impact globalization has on community health in India. All while gaining the unique educational experience of studying and conducting research in an international setting, through instructive and experiential learning.


Instructive Learning:

Seminars: Courses are conducted by Indian and American researchers and educators experienced in global health. Seminar experience includes:

  • Presentations on global health research methods.
  • Discussions about the unique research needed to understand the cultural and social challenges of health in India.
  • Interaction with high profile speakers in the healthcare and research field.

Experiential Learning:

Research Projects: Students work together to design potential global health research projects; in some cases, this leads to implementation, including data collection and analysis. Examples of past proposals/projects include:

  • Exploring the impact of terrorism on health, by using qualitative and quantitative interview methods.
  • Assessing diseases approaching epidemic proportions in India (such as Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus and Stroke), by identifying the psychosocial correlates of metabolic syndrome.
  • Developing a multicenter cross-sectional study of eating disorders among young women ages 13-21 in India.

Graduate students who go on to conduct these studies may have the opportunity to present their findings at a national or international meeting, and/or submit it for publication in a journal of their selection. If interested, students can work with program leaders to accomplish these goals.


This provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the problems in health and health care from a totally different perspective. Learning about both the differences and the similarities between India and the U.S. was eye-opening."

– Emily, Senior, Psychology major
2013 Winter Institute student

"The participants and the faculty were so friendly that it helped to break all the regional and cultural barriers. All of us worked as a team to develop the project ideas."

– Dr. Blesson, junior research fellow, ICMR
2013 Winter Institute student

"I learned how to work with a diverse team of doctors, psychologists, statisticians dentists, physical therapists, biologists, community leaders and many others. Learning to see things from multiple perspectives is an asset and having more practice with compromise and teamwork is something every profession will need."

– Amina
2013 Winter Institute participant
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