Center for Public Health Sciences

Required Texts & Software

Summer/Fall 2011

Foundations of Public Health, PUB 6000 -- Dr. Cheryl Merzel

Institute of Medicine. "The Future of the Public's Health in the 21st Century"
National Academies Press, Washington: 2003.

Institute of Medicine. "Promoting Health: Intervention Strategies from Social and Behavioral Research"
National Academies Press, Washington: 2000.

Fundamentals of Epidemiology, PUB 6100 -- Dr. Paul Marantz

"Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health, Second Edition"
by Ann Aschengrau & George R. Seage III.
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2008.
ISBN-13: 078-0-7637-4025-2

Fundamentals of Biostatistics, PUB 6200 -- Dr. Ryung Kim

"Principles of Biostatistics, Second Edition"
by Marcello Pagano and Kimberlee Gavreau.
Brooks/Cole, 2000.
ISBN-13: 978-0-534-22902-3

Social and Behavioral Dimensions in Public Health I

"Health Behavior and Health Education: Theory, Research, and Practice, 4th Edition"
Karen Glanz (Ed), Barbara K. Rimer (Ed), K. Viswanath (Ed)
ISBN: 978-0-7879-9614-7
Hardcover, 592 pages, September 2008

Culture, Health and Illness, 5th Edition
Cecil G. Helman
ISBN: 978-0-340-914-502, 501 pages, 2007

Globalization and Health

"Essentials of Global Health"
R. Skolnik
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007


"Introduction to Global Health"
KH Jacobsen
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2008


"Case Studies in Global Health: Millions Saved"
R. Levine
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007

Required Software

Cost: $179 purchased via the "Grad Plan" (plus shipping)
You may order STATA online between 08/01/2010 and 08/31/2010 here. See your orientation materials for the GradPlan ID.

Optional Software: STATA/Transfer (to facilitate transfer of databases using different software). If you decide to purchase this software, you can order it at the same time you order the STATA software for a reduced price of $69.00.

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