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Academic Advisement

Student advisement is an important part of the MPH educational experience. Students receive advisement in several areas as they advance through the program:

Academic Advisement

Each MPH student is assigned an academic advisor who is a faculty member. The role of the academic advisor is to provide general guidance to the student in completing the program and career planning advice. Students are expected to meet with their academic advisor at least once each semester. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to get general program and career advice, select an appropriate elective course, and review and discuss the student’s portfolio.

Registration approval is handled by the MPH Program Director and CPHS Administrator. All students are expected to follow the established sequence of courses. Special permission by the MPH Program Director is needed to take courses out of sequence.

Practicum Advisement

The MPH Program Director advises all students on the practicum placement. Most students will be placed in existing practicum sites, with every effort made to match based on student interests. In some cases, students may find their own practicum situation. All practica must be pre-approved by the MPH Program Director.  Students work with the MPH Director to identify an appropriate faculty practicum advisor, in addition to the agency-based preceptor.

Capstone Project Advisement

Each student has a capstone project advisor who is an Einstein or Ferkauf faculty member. The student selects the advisor with approval of the MPH Program Director. The capstone project advisor can be the practicum advisor, academic advisor, or another faculty member. The role of the capstone project advisor is to work closely with the student in developing and writing the capstone project. Meetings between the student and capstone advisor are scheduled as needed and it is expected that there will be regular email communication. The capstone advisor grades the project (honors/pass/fail). All capstone projects must be pre-approved by the MPH Program Director, as part of the Capstone Seminar.

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