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Winter Institute: Course Goals and Outcomes

The Winter Institute aims to educate students by: 

  1. Enhancing awareness of the special challenges that globalization poses to health.
  2. Highlighting the biopsychosocial & interdisciplinary approaches to the study of health and well-being in a globalized world.
  3. Exploring the challenges of conducting research in a globalized world.
  4. Introducing research designs appropriate for different research questions.
  5. Discussing the need for research designs to be modified based on situational and contextual factors.
  6. Examining the intimate connection between local and global health, and how they influence each other.
  7. Increasing understanding of the role globalization has played in widening social, economic and health disparities.
  8. Connecting the influence of social environment and human behavior to the cause of disease and methods of improvement through promoting health & wellness.
  9. Stressing the importance and challenges of conducting research and providing services in an ethical manner to resource poor settings.

At the end of the Winter Institute, students will be able to: 

  • Identify the challenges to health created by globalization;
  • Describe the cultural, ethical and practical challenges of conducting global health research;
  • Explain the interplay of biological, social and psychological factors in health;
  • Critically evaluate research studies in global health, including research methodology that combines these biopsychosocial approaches;
  • Develop a research proposal to explore a global health issue, considering the interplay of local and global health disparities. 

Students will earn 3 credits for their coursework.


Winter Institute credits are transferrable to any program in Einstein’s Center for Public Health Sciences. If you wish to transfer the coursework to another institution, please check with that institution to determine if the credits will transfer.


For more information about the 2013 Winter Institute in Global Health, please contact the Course Director, Dr. Sonia Suchday, at

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