Center for Public Health Sciences


Requirements of the course for undergraduate students include the writing of a journal of their experiences in India and exploring any area of health that they found interesting and intriguing during their trip.     

Requirements of the course for graduate students include the development of a research study which they will begin working on prior to the summer with the course director - Dr. Sonia Suchday – and collecting data while they are in India.
  • Subsequently, students need to analyze the data and present it at a national/international meeting and submit it for publication in a reputable journal. 
  • The course director will work on all these various steps with graduate students.  Graduate students may also use this data for their pre-doctoral or doctoral research project in consultation with the course director.
  • Participation of Graduate Students in all the workshops and activities organized in India is required.   
  • Graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the flexibility of what they can do while in India and create an experience that will be personally relevant and meaningful to them.


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