Marion Bessin Liver Research Center

Pilot and Feasibility Program


Allan W. Wolkoff, MD
Professor (Medicine and Anatomy and Structural Biology)

Associate Director
David A. Shafritz, MD
Professor (Medicine and Cell Biology, Pathology)


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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
625 Ullmann Building
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Phone: 718.430.2098


The Pilot and Feasibility Program, a vital component of the Liver Research Center, provides initial support for new investigators, allows established investigators to explore new directions, and enables the Center to attract scientists from other disciplines to liver research. During the past 10 years the Center has funded 32 feasibility studies.

The Marion Bessin Liver Research Center Core Grant has funds available to support several new Pilot and Feasibility Studies in the next fiscal year (June 1, 2016-May 31, 2017). These awards are given for one year and are renewable for a second year depending on suitable progress. Translational studies that utilize patient materials are encouraged. 


All academic full-time faculty are eligible to apply.  Projects will be considered on any aspect of fundamental or applied research relating to basic liver function, pathophysiology or clinically relevant areas. The program is designed to support:

  1. New investigators with interest in liver-related research
  2. Established investigators in other disciplines who wish to develop new research directions related to the liver
  3. Established investigators working in liver-related research who wish to begin a new project representing a major departure from their previous research

Pilot & Feasibility Studies

First Year 

Hepatitis C Transmission Networks Among People Who Inject Drugs: A Molecular Epidemiological Approach
P.I.: Matthew J. Akiyama, MD 

Use of iNKT Stimulatory Glycolipids as Immunotherapy in Chronic Liver Diseases
P.I.: Pooja Arora, PhD  

Analysis of the Somatic Mutational Landscape in Human Liver
P.I.: Alexander Maslov, MD, PhD
Co-Investigator: Jan Vijg, PhD 

Second Year (continuation) 

G-CSF Receptor as Novel Therapeutic Target in Acute Liver Failure
P.I.: Preeti Viswanathan, MB, BS 


Requests for Application  

Applications should follow the format of a new NIH RO1 Grant, using NIH application forms (PHS 398) but reduced in length (Research Plan not to exceed 5-6 pages). Applications do not require institutional internal review or Dean's signature. Funds are available for 1-2 years with a maximum request of $25,000/year.

Interested individuals should please send a one-page letter of intent, including a brief description of the project and an NIH biosketch (including research support) by Friday, January 8, 2016 to be reviewed by our Executive Committee.  Due date for submission of full applications of projects selected for review by our Scientific Advisory Committee will be announced later.  Notification of final status of projects reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee will be given by May 18, 2016.

Letters of intent and biosketches should be submitted by email to: 

Anna Caponigro 

Further information: (718) 430-2098

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