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“ provides an essential service to my family and to the Jewish community at large.  It brings extremely important information to the public in an appealing, understandable, and accessible way." - student


"Working with the PJGH for our campus screening confirmed my decision to apply to a master's program in genetic counseling and join this very important field." - T.W., Stern College for Women student


"As our son's 10th Yahrzeit approached, we looked for ways to memorialize him while giving back to our community.  The Program for Jewish Genetic Health was a perfect fit, since our son passed away from complications due to transplantation necessitated by his cystic fibrosis (a genetic disease) and he was a Yeshiva University graduate.  The PJGH, was a pleasure to work with, providing a superb professional staff to address a wide range of Pittsburgh audiences, including medical professionals, young adults, high school students, parents, and our community at large.   The speakers dazzled our audiences and expertly brought vital genetics issues to the forefront.  – Nina (Novetsky) Butler, Pittsburgh, Pa.


"On behalf of Nishmat and myself I wanted to thank you so much for coming and presenting to the yoatzot last night.  Your presentation was very informative, organized and professional and the women really appreciated your being so open to answering all of their questions. Thank you also for so graciously offering to serve as a resource for them going forward and for already being so helpful to and supportive of all the yoatzot halacha in the field." - D.B., Nishmat"


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Parkinson's Disease Risk in Ashkenazi Jews 

Did you know that approximately 30 percent of Ashkenazi Jews with Parkinson's disease possess a known mutation in one of two genes?  What does this mean?  What role does family history play in assessing one's risk for Parkinson's disease?  What current research is being conducted to further determine one's risk for Parkinson's? 

Learn this and more from the new lesson on Parkinson's disease at, featuring Parkinson's expert Dr. Rachel Saunders-Pullman, a movement disorder specialist and clinical researcher at Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Medical Center. Then sign-in/register to hear more from Dr. Saunders-Pullman, including about clinical studies underway that researchers hope will give them a better understanding of which genetic and environmental factors contribute directly to Parkinson's disease, and how these findings might translate into treatments and cures. 

One of our mantras is "Know your genes, know your risks and know your options!" With this in mind, we recently created and launched, a new website that is dedicated to educating the Jewish community about BRCA gene mutations, about how to assess one’s own risk factors, and about the various medical management and reproductive options available for BRCA gene mutation carriers.


The Gene Scene 

PJGH genetic counselor Estie Rose shares some thoughts on Apple and Facebook offering their employees free egg-freezing in a post on our Program blog, "The Gene Scene" 

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