Program for Jewish Genetic Health

Education and Events


Our online educational series consists of "lessons," prepared by experts in various fields of science and medicine, about genetic diseases commonly found in the Jewish population. Each "lesson," consisting of online webinars and complementary materials, is designed to provide an overview of a disease, condition, or related technology or concept, in addition to addressing the question, "What does it mean for me because I am Jewish?"  Come learn with us!





We raise awareness by offering live educational symposia in the form of lectures and panel discussions to various sectors and denominations of the community, including the lay community, students, Rabbis, Rebbetzen and other Jewish community leaders. 

If you are interested in bringing an educational event to your school, synagogue or community, please email us at 




Visit The Gene Scene, a blog for the community from the leadership and friends of the Program for Jewish Genetic Health.  

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