Current CRTP Students



Class of 2018




Thesis/Research Topic 


Jesus Anampa-Mesias, MD  


Targeting the tumor microenvironment in patients with metastatic breast cancer 

Sarah Baron, MD

Clostridium difficile asymptomatic infection in the admitted population at Montefiore 

Helena Blumen, PhD

Motor Imagery: A Pilot Intervention for Improving Gait and Cognition in the Elderly 


Anna Bortnick, MD, PhD 

Safety Culture in the Operating Room: A Pilot Survey of Teams Performing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) 


Patrik Brodin, PhD 


 A risk-adaptive clinical decision-support system as a tool for performing comparative effectiveness research studies in radiation oncology 

Anne Fuller, MD 

 Material Hardship in Families of Children with Special Health Care Needs 


Claudene George, MD, RPh  

Clinical and neurobiological consequences of medication use on mobility in aging 


Alexander Latev. MD

 Corticosteroids for Acute Migraine in the Emergency Department  


Glenmarie Matthews, MD   

 Abortion Attitudes and Experiences among Medical Students and Interns in Jamaica, West Indies 

Kaitlyn Philips, MD

Determinants of Ambulatory Follow-Up healthcare utilization after an Asthma Hospitalization among Inner-City Children 

CRTP MD/MS Scholar  


Michele Buonora 


Predictors and Outcomes Associated with Tapering Chronic Opioid Therapy (COT) 


Kenetta McKellar 

 Utilization of Third Line Therapies for Overactive Bladder 

Michio Taya 

 Prognostic implications of adrenal incidentalomas: a retrospective cohort study 



Class of 2019




Thesis/Research Topic 


Mirnova Ceide, MD   



Jen-Ting (Tina) Chen, MD     


Jules Chyten-Brennan, DO   



Daniel Correa, MD  



Kevin Fiori, MD           



Gregory Gressel, MD 




Susie Lee, MD             



Rebecca Levy, MD                 




Tiffany Lu, MD                        



Jelena Pavlovic, MD 



Deepika Slawek, MD, MPH


Audrey Uong, MD


CRTP MD/MS Scholar  


Amanda Rizzo 


Susmit Tripathi 





Link to Graduates of CRTP 

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