Program At a Glance

Clinical and translational research is continuing to break new ground. The PCI track is part of Einstein’s Ph.D. program in biomedical sciences, which is accredited by the New York State Department of Education and boasts over 1,200 graduates employed in a wide range of both academic and non-academic scientific careers in settings around the world.


Focus on: Mentoring and Collaboration

A notable highlight of the Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation (PCI) program is its high level of personalized mentoring. As a program scholar, you choose two mentors, each providing a different perspective across a “translational” research bridge, to guide you through your research. Additionally, an advisory committee provides added perspective and feedback to support you throughout your thesis work.

Mentorship: A Key to Career Success

Effective mentoring, as has been increasingly recognized, is a key to career success in research trainees.* The RET programs of the ICTR pay careful attention to mentoring, through mentor selection, training, and support. *Fleming M, Burnham EL, Huskins WC. Mentoring translational science investigators. JAMA 2012; 308: 1981-2. 

The Ph.D. Program Experience: Typical Timeframe

1st year 

  • Twenty-one graduate course credits (approximately 2-3 courses/trimester)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research course
  • Three laboratory rotations
  • Declaration of laboratory for thesis research

2nd year 

  • Further PCI classes in epidemiologic and clinical research methods, biostatistics, and research ethics
  • Qualifying exam-writing workshop
  • Taking of qualifying exam
  • Start of thesis research
  • Fellowship applications
  • Advisory committee meetings
  • Seminars

3rd – 5th Years 

  • Full-time thesis research
  • Career and professional skills development
  • Thesis workshop
  • Thesis defense
  • Advisory committee meetings
  • Seminars
  • Graduation

Learn about Einstein’s New Graduate Curriculum 

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