Registration, Tuition and Certification

To register for this program, please go to the appropriate site as listed below. Tuition for the lecture series is waived for the academic year 2017-18 for all registrants.  

  • Graduate students: Register through the Sue Golding registrar.
  • Medical students: Obtain permission from Dr. Ellie Schoenbaum, Director of Medical Student Research.
  • Residents and Fellows: Obtain permission from your program director, who must approve your participation in this program, after which they (or their program director) may register at this site
  • Faculty may go directly to this registration siteFor the 2017-18 academic year, CME credits will not be available for this course. 

Each registered participant will receive a username and password that may not be shared. Those registrants who view all of the 11 lectures and receive a passing grade on the Final Exam, will receive a Certificate of Completion for the “Clinical Research 101: Fundamentals of Clinical Research Methods” course. Graduate students will receive course credit by meeting the same criteria.

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