Career Development Mentoring for Translational and Team Science (MeTTS) Program

At any given time, there are approximately 50 junior faculty in the Einstein-Montefiore system who are receiving career development awards in clinical and translational research. While each awardee has her/his own career development and mentoring plan, there are some overarching, near universal issues faced by all such Scholars. For instance:

  • How can I find the support services I need?
  • What should I do to get promoted?
  • What “tricks of the trade” will help me be successful when applying for grants?

The MeTTS “networking” group was created to help these Scholars find solutions to these questions. This group network includes all Einstein faculty engaged in clinical/translational research and who have federal, foundation, or institutional career development awards and meets monthly for presentations and discussions designed to support their transition to independent research careers, in order to complement their individual and departmental career development support with a broad and diverse support network.

Meet the Directors:

Dr. Jorge Kizer Dr. Jorge Kizer is a cardiologist and cardiovascular epidemiologist whose research focuses on applying imaging and measurement of biochemical markers to illuminating mechanisms of cardiovascular disease at the intersection of aging, metabolism, and kidney disease, as well as HIV infection. He is the recipient of research awards from AHA, NHLBI, and NIA, and is participating as a multiple PI in two interdisciplinary projects investigating HIV-related cardiac disease in women, and proteins implicated in slowing or accelerating aging-related phenotypes. He serves as mentor or co-mentor to young investigators on awards ranging from a K23 from NHLBI, to an American College of Cardiology Foundation Merck grant and an ECRIP fellowship. He is highly enthusiastic about joining Dr. Paul Marantz in this effort to guide early-stage investigators in advancing their careers in clinical and translational research.

Dr. Paul Marantz Dr. Paul Marantz oversees the educational and training programs of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). The ICTR offers degree-granting (MS, PhD) programs, as well as certificate programs and courses, that provide research skills to health professionals.


Upcoming Events

Date/Time Location Speaker/Topic
March 20th 2018
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Einstein Price 351

Drs. Harry Shamoon and Steven Almo: "Drug Design and Development"

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