Harold and Muriel Block Institute for Clinical and Translational Research



For more information about the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, please contact us via email or call 718-430-2500

Margaret Arnim, MBA
Executive Director
(718) 430-3607

Nicole Bjorklund, PhD
BARC/BioR Administrator
(718) 430-3314

Elizabeth Castro
CISC Administrative Director
(718) 920-5126


Rachel Holland
Financial Administrator
(718) 430-2512

Sarah Lewis, MHA
Communications and Research Facilitation Administrator
(718) 430-4050

Jeannette Lindquist, MBA
Clinical Research Informatics Administrator
(718) 430-2916


Paul Meissner, MPH
CER Grants Development Administrator
(718) 920-7802

Christina Rivera-Reid
Office of Clinical Trials Manager
(718) 920-4781

Eileen Shore, MSc
Evaluation Program Administrator
(718) 430-8630


Nancy Marte
Education Program Manager
(718) 430-4008

Minka Chikolareva
CRC Staff Director
(718) 920-5174

Ilija Atanasovski
Trials Network Manager
(718) 430-8804

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