Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center

Faculty and Staff Directory

MRRC Faculty

Craig Branch, Ph.D., Director

Michael Lipton, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Director

Min-Hui Cui, Ph.D., MR Systems Manager

Linda Jelicks, Ph.D., MR Spectroscopist

Xiaobo Li, Ph.D., Section Leader for Image Analysis

Mark Wagshul, Ph.D., MR Physicist 

Roman Fleysher, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor


MRRC Staff

Luda Slobodskaya, Administrator

Latasha Daly, Administrative Assistant

Yrany Alvarado, RT (R) (MR), MR Technologist
Sadá Guzmán, RT(R)(MR), MR Technologist


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Active MRRC Projects

To Schedule a session on the 3T magnet or reserve the Cognitive Testing Room, please send an email request to: 
Alternatively, you may 718.430.3390

Please provide both the name of the Principal Investigator and the MRRC assigned protocol number for the project.

3T Magnet Calendar 

Cognitive Testing Room Calendar 


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