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Solomon Moshe, M.D.

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Dr. Solomon L. Moshé
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Rose F. Kennedy Center
1410 Pelham Parkway South, Room 316
Bronx, NY 10461




Solomon MosheProfessor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience
Director, Division of Pediatric Neurology, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology
Director, Division of Neurology, Department of Pediatrics
Director, Clinical Neurophysiology, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Dr. Moshé is professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is also vice chairman of the Department of Neurology as well as director of Child Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology and the recipient of a Martin A. and Emily L. Fisher fellowship in Neurology and Pediatrics. He is the current Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the International League against Epilepsy. The League is a worldwide organization association of local, country-based, chapters and is coordinating efforts on improving the care of patients with Epilepsy worldwide through educational programs and access to care.



Dr. Moshé has worked with WHO representatives in publishing algorithms for the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal seizures in developing countries and preparing guidelines for the diagnosis management of seizures in infancy. Dr. Moshé has mentored the career of physician-scientists from several counties including Brazil, Turkey, India, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and France. He has worked in the AIMS Hospital in Koshi, Kerala, India providing care for the indigenous population served by this institution.

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