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Mission statement of the Einstein GHC:

In an increasingly interconnected world, the mission of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Global Health Center is to promote the ideal of health for all. Our goals and objectives encompass the domains of education, research, and service, which intersect and overlap in all of our actions. The Global Health Center serves as a central coordinating structure for all of Einstein's global health activities, through which they can be integrated to bring out their synergies, with the ultimate goal of reducing disparities in health and alleviating human suffering.



Louis WeissLouis M. Weiss, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine
Professor of Pathology

Dr. Weiss is co-Director of the Global Health Center. Dr. Weiss's involvement in global health stems from his interests and activities in parasitology and tropical medicine. He has been involved in studies on the treatment, diagnosis and basic biology of Toxoplasmosis, Babesiosis, Chagas Disease, Microsporidiosis, Cryptosporidiosis and Isosporiasis. He is a consultant to the diagnostic parasitology laboratory and has a clinical consultative practice in travel medicine, infectious diseases, and parasitology.


achkar Jacqueline M. Achkar, MD, MS, FIDSA
Associate Professor Dept of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Dept of Microbiology & Immunology

Dr. Achkar is the Co-Director of Einstein’s Global Health Center, and a physician scientist and Infectious Disease specialist. Her translational research program focuses on tuberculosis (TB) serology, biomarker discovery, diagnostic test evaluation, and protective antibody responses against TB. Active TB is a transmissible respiratory disease that is caused by uncontrolled Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. It is a major global public health problem, one of the top 10 causes of death globally, and the leading cause of death from a single pathogen worldwide, surpassing that of HIV. To control this major global public health problem, accurate and simple point of care diagnostics, additional options of antituberculous therapies, and more effective vaccines are urgently needed. Dr. Achkar’s research has the potential to inform these fields. Her work includes multiple ongoing national and international collaborations in countries such as South Africa where she travels on a regular basis to give presentations, participate in rounds, and continue building her collaborations. For further information see Dr. Achkar’s faculty profile


Jill RaufmanJill Raufman, MS, MPH
Associate Director, GHC 

Director, Global Health Fellowship Program 

Principal Associate, Department of Pathology

Jill Raufman is the Associate Director of the Global Health Center, where she is responsible for the development and augmentation of research, education and service global health activities, and also holds the position of Director of Medical Student Global Health Programs. She previously worked for the NYC Department of Health, in addition to a global non-profit organization through which she has spent a considerable amount of time in Kenya. Jill holds a Master of Public Health degree from Hunter College in NYC, as well as a MS in Nutrition in Public Health from Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition, she belongs to the Bronx Health Literacy Collaborative.


Kathy AnastosKathy Anastos, MD

Co-Director, Emeritus
Professor of Medicine

Dr. Anastos, co-Director of the GHC, has served since 1993 as the principal investigator of the Bronx/Manhattan Consortium of the NIH funded Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS), the largest of the WIHS sites nationally, and since 2004 as the Principal Investigator of the Rwanda Women's Interassociation Study and Assessment (RWISA, which in Kinyarwanda means beautiful). Her specific areas of research focus on survival and disease progression in women with HIV infection, women's biologic protection against HIV acquisition, the role of sex and ancestry in biologically determined responses to infection and treatment, and the contribution of HIV related immune dysfunction or treatment on other medical conditions. She has more than 25 years of clinical and operational experience in the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the US, and is the Director of Clinical Systems and Scientific Programs of Women's Equity in Access to Care and Treatment (WE-ACTx), a community-based organization devoted to developing high quality ambulatory medical servicees for HIV infected women in Rwanda.


Advisory Board

Johanna DailyJohanna Daily, MD
Associate Professor Dept. of Medicine, Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology

My interest in what is now being termed global health started in medical school. I spent a two month elective at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi joining the pediatric in patient team. Malaria was a major problem. During my Internal Medicine Residency I spent two months at the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and observed both in-patients and outpatients with tropical diseases and sat in on research conferences. These experiences informed me sufficiently to choose Infectious Disease as a subspecialty with laboratory training in the molecular biology of Plasmodium in Dyann Wirth’s lab at HSPH. We carried out drug resistance studies in Senegal and I began my work looking at the diversity of parasite gene expression as measured directly from patient blood (no interim culture). We discovered novel biological states. My other efforts were in outcomes research working with Paul Farmer and the Global Health and Social Inequities Division at BWH. Our goal was to utilize a routinely measured outcome such as pediatric hospitalizations to measure impact of a multipronged antimalarial campaign. Finally I have been interested in the utilization of UpToDate in resource limited settings. We deployed this evidence based medical resource in a number of health care facilities and are now measuring its impact. I am interested in both basic science and outcomes research in malaria.


Kevin Fiori Kevin Fiori, MD
Co-Director for Faculty Development
Chief Resident, Department of Medicine

Kevin Fiori is co-directing a 3-year initiative called Healthy Moms and Babies: Ending Preventable Deaths in Togo in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, Hope Through Health, the Department of Pediatrics and the Department of Family and Social Medicine at Montefiore. He has has been involved in community-based global health initiatives in West Africa since 2003.


Jerry Paccione, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Dr. Paccione's first experience in Global Health was between his 3rd and 4th years in medical school when he was the sole "physician" for 3 remote villages in Guatemala for a year. Since then he has tried to integrate global health practice and training into his educational career at AECOM. As Director of the Primary Care/Social Medicine Program and inpatient Firm leader at Montefiore from 1985-2007, he has initiated special clinics for immigrants in the South Bronx and victims of international Human Rights abuses; created global health rotations for residents in Latin America and Africa; and served on the Boards of Directors of Doctors of the World and Doctors for Global Health. Presently a Professor of Clinical Medicine at AECOM and a Board member of the Global Health Education Consortium, Dr. Paccione recently relinquished his postgraduate training roles at Montefiore to help develop the Global Health Center at AECOM, advise students, and create training opportunities for students and residents, linked with clinical and community service, in rural Uganda.


Paul MarantzPaul Marantz, MD

Associate Dean for Clinical Research Education
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology & Population Health
Professor of Clinical Medicine

Dr. Marantz’s involvement in the Global Health Center stems from his interests and activities in public health, both at Einstein and at the Institute for Public Health Sciences (IPHS) of Yeshiva University, which he co-directs along with Dr. Sonia Suchday of the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. The IPHS, in addition to its domestic research and educational programs, has a strong focus on global health research and education, including partnerships and projects in India and in Israel. 


Vinayaka Prasad Vinayaka Prasad, PhD 

Professor of Microbiology & Immunology

Vinayaka Prasad is Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, and directs the Fogarty International Center-funded Einstein AIDS International Training and Research Program, an AIDS research capacity building effort focusing on India, Rwanda and Bangladesh. This program allows researchers from the developing country interface with Einstein scientific community to tackle the prevention of AIDS in their respective countries. He also directs the Einstein's institutional AIDS training program as well as helps run the Einstein Center for AIDS Research by directing its Developmental Core. Dr. Prasad is an established AIDS researcher with research interests in definition of viral targets for drug development, gene therapy for AIDS and viral determinants of HIV associated dementia. Dr. Prasad was the Chairman of the Global Health Center from July 2007 to March 2009.


Viraj Patel Viraj Patel, MD, MPH 

Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine

Viraj Patel, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, is a clinician-investigator in the Division of General Internal Medicine and on faculty in the Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine residency program. His research centers around innovative community engaged approaches to HIV prevention with gay, bi, and other same gender loving men and transgender communities in both the U.S. and in India. His current work focuses on developing technology based behavioral interventions (e.g. social media and mobile apps) to reach and engage these "hidden" communities as well as leveraging online social networks for promoting behavior change. Dr. Patel directs the resident scholarly projects in the primary care/social internal medicine program and teaches medical students in the care of LGBT populations.


Meredith HawkinsMeredith Hawkins, MD

Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Dr. Hawkins is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Global Diabetes Institute at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Over the past thirteen years, she has developed a tremendous interest in the global epidemic of diabetes based upon her experiences providing medical education and health care in South and Central America, Eatern Europe, Africa and Asia. Dr. Hawkins is currently working with faculty at Makerere University medical school in Kampala, Uganda to develop a more formalized medical education program. In partnership with investigators at the world-renowned Christian Medical College in Vellore, India, Dr. Hawkins is investigating the pathogenesis of the poorly-understood entity of 'malnutrition diabetes'. Dr. Hawkins is also one of the organizers of an annual International Conference for Continuing Medical Education, alternating between Asia and Africa.


Emeritus Members

Ruth MacklinRuth Macklin, PhD

Professor of Epidemiology & Population Health
Dr. Shoshanah Trachtenberg Frackman Faculty Scholar

Ruth Macklin is co-director of an NIH Fogarty International Center training grant in research ethics. The training program is open to participants from Latin America and takes place in Buenos Aires, conducted in Spanish. The program has been continuously funded since 2000. Dr. Macklin serves on three committees at the World Health Organization: the Ethical Review Committee (ERC), which reviews all WHO sponsored research; the Scientific and Ethical Review Group, which reviews research in the Department of Reproductive Health and Research; and the Vaccine Advisory Committee for the HIV Vaccine Initiative. Dr. Macklin is a past president of the International Association of Bioethics, and is a frequent consultant and invited speaker at international meetings and consultations.


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