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Summer Projects Abroad (first year students)


These programs aim primarily to teach Medical Spanish. This excludes the CFHI programs (see below) that also provide Spanish language instruction but are not organized PRIMARILY to teach Spanish. In order to qualify for the award, write an essay (one page will suffice) describing your motivation for studying Medical Spanish and how you think such a program will contribute to your preparation for the study and practice of medicine. Submit the essay to by Dec. 7th. The students selected will be notified by Dec. 14. Please note: Programs in Spain are not eligible for funding. 

Here is a list of Web sites where you can find information about various Medical Spanish programs:

Child Family Health International (CFHI) runs 20+ Global Health Education Programs in 7 countries placing students in clinics and public health facilities alongside local health professionals. CFHIs 4-16 week experiences immerse students in global health realities in Latin America, Africa, and India. CFHI is an NGO recognized by the United Nations.

This is a very special program for students already fluent in conversational Spanish and who wish to participate in the health care of underserved people in Peru. It is for students highly motivated to provide medical care to underserved people in an environment of poor sanitation and very scarce medical resources. A maximum of 2 students will receive funding for this program. Students interested in this program should write an essay describing interest and motivation. An interview with the GH Fellowship office is also required. Since this program fills up quickly,  you should submit the essay and arrange an interview no later than October 28th.

Students who conduct 7-8 week research projects outside the USA are eligible for summer fellowships. Please present a proposal of your research project to

If you are fluent in Spanish and are interested in projects in Costa Rica, Guatemala or other Latino nations, consult with Dr. Matthew Anderson . Dr. Anderson is associated with an HIV-AIDS program in Guatemala and accepts one or two students every summer.

Dr. Gerald Paccione is a good source of information for projects anywhere in the world, especially Africa. His program in Uganda will be offered again next summer, and there will be a separate announcement about this.

Dr. Carol Harris can advise you about projects in Ethiopia. She takes 2 students with her to Ethiopia every summer, and there will be a separate announcement about this.

Dr. Donna Futterman can advise you about HIV-AIDS projects in South Africa.

Dr. Meredith Hawkins and Dr. Vinayaka Prasad are good sources of information about programs in India.

Jill Raufman, Program Manager, Global Health Center is a good source of information about the global health center and projects abroad.

There are other types of overseas projects suitable for students who have completed their first year of medical school, e.g. community based projects, public health projects, volunteering at outpatient health care sites. For information about some of these programs, go to:

For extensive information about global health programs sponsored by Einstein faculty and reports from students who have completed their projects, visit Einstein's Global Health Center website and the GH Fellowship search engine on the website's Education page.

Be sure to be on the alert for messages that appear from time to time from the Global Health Center about new global health opportunities. 


  • Apply directly to the program you are interested in.
  • For Spanish language programs, do not apply until after your essay is submitted and you are given the go-ahead (by Dec. 14).
  • If accepted into a program, complete the Global Health Fellowship Application form. This form is located in the School Links section of eMED, and also on the GHC website. Attach the letter of acceptance to the application form.
  • Although the regular application due date is April 15th, students going overseas should try to submit completed applications by the end of March in order to obtain funding at an earlier date. If deposits or other payments are required before then, you must use personal funds and be reimbursed later.
  • Be sure to check the start date of the program you are interested in since you cannot depart until after your last final examination.
  • Only one summer project fellowship is awarded per student. Minimum required length of stay is 4 weeks.
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