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Our Mission

  • Act to reverse the global diabetes epidemic through strategic partnerships in medical research and education.
  • Discover effective and inexpensive treatments for malnutrition diabetes through world-class research.
  • Empower local community health workers and medical professionals to engage in effective and sustainable diabetes programs within their own communities.


Report on Rates of Noncommunicable Disease in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries 

The Council on Foreign Relations released a report focusing on the factors associated with the growing global health crisis of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The report highlights the fact that economic growth and urbanization are leading to increased life expectancies but without the infrastructure and health care systems to support this in the developing world. It calls on the United States to prioritize NCDs in global health funding.

"More patients will get sick, suffer longer, require more medical care, and die young. Given the scale of these trends, the results will reverberate."  

Read the report here. Or explore the online interactive site 

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Personal Stories

Mercy InbakumariSr. Mercy Inbakumari, BsN, Diabetes Educator, Research Nurse 

Sister Mercy has been a critical member of our partner research team at CMC, Vellore for five years now. In conjunction with the CMC Endocrinology Department and visiting Einstein faculty, she is conducting metabolic research on a novel form of diabetes, called “lean diabetes”, that is thought to be highly prevalent in India. Her work focuses on the basic mechanisms concerning obesity and insulin resistance and how these mechanisms relate to diabetes development.

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