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Dr. Huma Naqvi in Iraq

Dr. Huma NaqviDr. Huma Naqvi, Assistant Professor in the Arthur S. Abramson Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has just returned from her most recent trip to Iraq, where there is an overwhelming number of children with disabilities; most probably as a result of the years of war there.   One of the most common problems is cerebral palsy; there are also many children and adults trying to learn how to function with  amputations.  There is a great need for training of occupational, physical, and speech therapists and physicians, and for new rehab technologies and interventions, however, very little is available.

In addition to traveling there a few times, Dr. Naqvi has been conducting telemedicine training – live lectures and workshops for Iraqi physicians and medical students on pediatric rehabilitation procedures and interventions,  and using apps on her phone to receive videos of children that she then diagnoses and prescribes proper treatment for. Her goal is to develop a certificate program that could be offered to health care professionals in Iraq, to start helping some of  the thousands of children who need care.

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