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Jing Song, M.D.

Jing SongAssociate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology 
Director of Resident & Fellow Exchange Program, Montefiore Medical Center
Director of Research & Clinical Fellowship Program, China Division of Einstein Global Health Institute Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Jing Song, a certified anesthesiologist, clinical and basic science researcher and resident educator. She was a visiting research scientist of Vanderbilt University, participated in extensive basic research and studies of immunoglobulin gene VDJ rearrangement regulation using molecular biology tools. She also is a visiting professor and a preceptor of graduate students in Wen Zhou Medical School of China. Her research studies are focused on gene analysis for oncogenicity and precision medicine. Dr. Song has more than ten years’ experience in mentoring and couching residents in Montefiore Medical Center for clinic works and IRB proved research projects. Under her mentoring and support, many residents have greatly improved their experience and quickly adapted the anesthesia clinical environment. She has helped many residents successfully to present research studies in scientific meeting and to publish the results in medical journals.

Dr. Song has been developed collaborations with multiple medical schools in China. She has been involved in designing and implementing international resident education and health promotion projects in Shanghai and established International Resident & Fellow Exchange Program and Research & Clinical Fellowship Program between Montefiore Medical Center /Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Medical School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

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