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 Global Vision: The Einstein Community Abroad," is a photo exhibit of work taken by our Global Health Fellowship students. Now accepting photo entries for next exhibit!  


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GLOBAL HEALTH WEEK-  October 19th - 23rd, including:  



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Registration is open for the 9th annual International Short Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine at the Christian Medical College in Vellore, India.

 The 2 week course provides an intense, high quality learning opportunity in an endemic location. It has been highly successful in providing Indian and Western physicians with a  venue to interact with each other while acquiring new skills through a combined clinical, laboratory and lecture-based course. There are daily bedside rounds, as well as visits to community outreach facilities. 

 The course dates this year will be November 16th -28th 2015. For more information, please visit  

 The course is a non-profit collaboration among the Christian Medical College, the University of Bergen, and McGill University.



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 REMEDY, or Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World, both reduces needless waste by area hospitals and acts to meet the equipment needs of healthcare projects in resource-poor settings throughout the world.

As hospitals respond to fluctuating demands for select materials, excess supplies are routinely thrown away despite still being completely functional. REMEDY partners with the hospital inventory departments to redirect quality supplies from the discard pile to medical and scientific outreach projects in the Einstein community. With everything from surplus HEPA masks (remember the bird flu scare?) to overstocked arm-slings, EKG electrodes, foley catheters, instrument trays, and blood collection tubes, REMEDY's inventory is diverse enough to assist most projects. These supplies are available at no charge to all Einstein students, faculty, and staff planning work abroad.

The projects and collaborations we supply are diverse, from roadside clinics and monasteries in Myanmar to a pediatric oncology ward in Iraq. Other recent destinations for our supplies include regional hospitals in Peru and the earthquake-stricken Phillipines, as well as a rural rehab clinic in El Salvador. We look forward to seeing where our colleagues will travel next!  Contact the Remedy Club at:  Einstein REMEDY <>





Student Highlights


Global Health Fellowship
Students Blog from Egypt.. read more 

UPDATED 8.26.15 




The Need for Global Health Education in Medical Training  (From Huffington Post Education)

"I have mixed feelings about global health... I mean, we have problems in our own country."

"I'm more interested in health care innovation and entrepreneurship. Not global health."

After hearing countless similar statements from my peers in medical school, I realized that there is a basic discrepancy between what they interpreted as global health and my own understanding of the concept. Common discourse among medical students creates a dichotomy between medicine and global health, between local and global. This dichotomy is not only false but also dangerous.

So what exactly is "global health"? While there is no single, commonly accepted definition, the Committee on the U.S. Commitment to Global Health offers the following: "health problems, issues, and concerns that transcend national boundaries, and may best be addressed by cooperative actions...and the goal of improving health for all people by reducing avoidable disease, disabilities, and deaths." This rather succinct definition has several powerful implications on how we understand "global health" and approach our roles and responsibilities within the field, regardless of our motivations and end goals.  Read more: 






nick farris 




Complicit No More: Applying Anti-Oppression to GlobalHealth 

by Livy Low, MSII and Global Health Fellowship student


Alongside a Doctor’s Care, a Dose of Traditional Healing :

In the 1990s, the government of Chile began a significant venture to make its public health system more inclusive by introducing intercultural health care in areas of the country with indigenous populations. Services offered at rukas, like those provided in public clinics, are free for patients registered in the municipal public health system.  Read more:  NYT, 8/20/15 





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global health conference 2014 

2016 Emory Global Health Case Competition 

Since 2009 the Emory Global Health Institute has sponsored a Global Health Case Competition (EGHCC). In the EGHCC participating teams from a number of universities compete for the best solution to a global health case study or problem. Teams are given approximately five days to prepare their response. Three or more disciplines must be represented on the team.  There is a call for the 2016 EGHCC:  contact if you are interested in being a part of this year's team.



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