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Einstein-Rockefeller-Hunter Center for AIDS Research


As the AIDS research community and public health systems locally, nationally and globally focus efforts on preventing HIV transmission and ending the epidemic, it is critical to integrate our efforts across institutions and disciplines, sharing resources among many researchers to achieve the greatest gain in scientific understanding. Our strategic planning process made clear that the greatest contribution of a New York City-based Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) would be achieved by synergizing the scientific strengths, research expertise and clinical resources of three major NYC academic institutions, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein), the Rockefeller University (Rockefeller) and the School of Urban Public Health at Hunter College, City University of New York (Hunter).

Thus, the Einstein/Rockefeller/Hunter (ERH)-CFAR was created as a highly synergistic new partnership of non-overlapping complementary resources. The ERH-CFAR links a strong basic and clinical research institution (Einstein) with a large patient base of HIV-infected individuals, a globally pre-eminent basic science institution (Rockefeller), and a strong public health/implementation science institution (Hunter) to catalyze research to prevent, treat and eradicate HIV infection and thereby end the epidemic. The ERH-CFAR is structured to drive extensive collaborations across disciplines and institutions and coordinate a research agenda by ERH-CFAR investigators focused on “bench to bedside to community and back to the bench” research to achieve our mission, to arrest the AIDS epidemic.

A major focus of our efforts are to improve utilization of current treatments and to develop new therapies, such as potent broadly neutralizing antibodies, for prevention, reducing the incidence of new infections; treatment, improving treatment outcomes among infected individuals and reducing transmission; and eradication of HIV reservoirs. In addition to developing novel therapeutic approaches, our investigators are optimizing the translation of scientific breakthroughs into reality by identifying and implementing the most effective strategies to deliver treatments shown to be efficacious in clinical and bench research.


Meet Our Investigators

Dr. Joshua Nosanchuk

STUDENT AFFAIRS: The goal of my work in Student Affairs is to provide dedicated and individualized support to Einstein Medical Students throughout their basic science and clinical ...View profile


In the Media

New York Times interviews Kami Kim, M.D., about her research that indicates children with HIV are more likely to develop a severe form of malaria and die. Dr. Kim’s study looked at 3,000 Malawian children who went into comas with cerebral malaria and included autopsies on more than 100 who had died. Dr. Kim is professor of medicine, of microbiology & immunology and of pathology at Einstein and attending physician, infectious disease at Montefiore. (Tuesday, Sep 29, 2015)

Science profiles Nir Barzilai, M.D., and the ambitious proposed clinical trial he is leading that would evaluate if metformin can delay aging in humans. The article details his meeting with FDA, which was supportive of the approach, and the key roles his collaborators at the American Federation for Aging Research are playing in the effort. Dr. Barzilai is the Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Chair of Aging Research and director of the Institute for Aging Research at Einstein. (Thursday, Sep 17, 2015)

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ERH-CFAR at a Glance

Partner Institutions 

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Rockefeller University
  • School of Urban Public Health at Hunter College


Total ERH-CFAR members

  • 144 Full members
  • 8 Affiliate members

CFAR member trainees funded by NIH K awards

  • 15 Full members

NIH Funding 

FY2014 OAR NIH AIDS FRB grants

$35,160,683 Total costs


New NIH AIDS grants awarded in FY2015

$5,704,685 Total annual costs


FY2014 non-AIDS NIH grants

$34,745,334 Total costs


Publications (first 6 months of 2015) 

Total Publications: 253

Publications multi-authored
by ERH-CFAR members: 76



Director: Dr. H. Goldstein



Directors: Dr. V. Prasad & Dr. C. Cunningham


Biomarkers & Advanced Technologies 

Directors: Dr. J. Berman & Dr. S. Almo


Behavioral Science 

Director: Dr. L. Bauman


Clinical Translational Implementation Science 

Director: Dr. K. Anastos


Scientific Working Groups 

HIV and Eradication 

Directors: Dr. G. Kalpana & Dr. M. Caskey


HIV and Aging 

Directors: Dr. J. Vergherse & Dr. J. Berman


Patient and Population Health Outcomes Research 

Directors: Dr. J. Arnsten & Dr. D. Nash

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