Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY Center for AIDS Research

Scientific Working Groups

Through Strategic Planning sessions, discussions at our CFAR retreats and other venues, and polling of all ERC-CFAR members, we identified two Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) (HIV Eradication and Patient and Population Health Outcomes Research) that met these criteria: 

  • most relevant to our overarching goals
  • a critical mass of investigators to stimulate scientific interactions and collaborative interactions among Einstein, Rockefeller, and CUNY investigators
  • relevant for supporting and nurturing the research careers of ESIs.

Consequently, we have established two Scientific Working Groups (SWG), the HIV Eradication SWG led by Dr. Ganjam Kalpana (Einstein) and Marina Caskey (Rockefeller) and the Patient and Population Health Outcomes Research SWG led by Dr. Denis Nash (CUNY) and Dr. Julia Arnsten (Einstein). The goals of these SWGs is, to mobilize and direct the scientific, research and clinical strengths of the ERC-CFAR into novel and multidisciplinary approaches to address the priorities of the OAR Trans-NIH Strategic Plan for HIV-related research and to exploit emerging opportunities. The SWGs also serve to generate research synergy, stimulate multidisciplinary collaborations among ERC-CFAR investigators, advance the careers of ESIs and recruit into the ERC-CFAR outstanding investigators from other regional academic centers, including Columbia, NYU and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount  Sinai.


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ERC-CFAR at a Glance

Partner Institutions 

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Rockefeller University
  • The City University of New York (CUNY)


Total ERC-CFAR members

  • 183 Full members
  • 10 Affiliate members

CFAR member trainees funded by NIH K awards

  • 15 Full members

NIH Funding 

FY2015 OAR NIH AIDS FRB grants

$34,084,840 Total costs


New NIH AIDS grants awarded in FY2016

$7,345,645 Total annual costs


FY2014 non-AIDS NIH grants

$34,745,334 Total costs

Publications (first 6 months of 2016) 

Total Publications: 240

Publications multi-authored
by ERC-CFAR members: 91



Director: Dr. H. Goldstein



Directors: Dr. V. Prasad & Dr. C. Cunningham


Biomarkers & Advanced Technologies 

Directors: Dr. J. Berman & Dr. S. Almo


Behavioral Science 

Director: Dr. L. Bauman


Clinical Translational Implementation Science 

Director: Dr. K. Anastos


Scientific Working Groups 

HIV and Eradication 

Directors: Dr. G. Kalpana & Dr. M. Caskey


Patient and Population Health Outcomes Research 

Directors: Dr. D. Nash & Dr. J. Arnsten  

New 2016 NIH Grants Awards 

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In the Media

Vice interviews Harris Goldstein, M.D., about the difficulty of developing a vaccine for HIV. Dr. Goldstein is professor of pediatrics and of microbiology & immunology at Einstein and director of the Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY Center for AIDS Research. (Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017)

Crain’s Health Pulse interviews Dr. Laurie Bauman regarding a collaborative study aimed at controlling the spread of HIV using PrEP, a drug proven to reduce risk. Dr. Bauman is a principal investigator on the study, which includes Einstein, Montefiore and Columbia. She also is director of the Preventive Intervention Research Center and professor of pediatrics. (Friday, Jul 29, 2016)

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