Developmental Core

The overarching goal of the Einstein/Rockefeller/Hunter CFAR (ERC-CFAR) Developmental Core is to support the career development of early stage investigators (ESIs) through an effective mentoring process coupled with a peer-reviewed Catalytic grants program and ongoing support for their scientific growth via participation in programs specifically tailored for ESIs. The objectives of the ERC-CFAR Developmental core are centered on mentoring ESIs, catalyzing trans-institutional collaborative AIDS research in the ERC-CFAR, supporting Scientific Working Group (SWG) efforts to catalyze research in their topic areas, facilitating scientific communication among ERC-CFAR investigators and enhancing international HIV/AIDS research. Specifically the Core:

  • Provides individually tailored mentoring to ESIs and facilitates their development into independently funded researchers by pairing ESIs with established investigators (EIs), by providing both individual and group-level mentoring to help them develop NIH K- or R- type grants and by assisting senior level ESIs with transition to an R01 funding.
  • Supports ESIs engaged in AIDS research in the ERC-CFAR via catalytic and micro grants, which will also be used to promote trans- institutional collaborations and to support SWG priorities.
  • Stimulates intra- and trans-institutional, collaborative AIDS research at the participating institutions by awarding joint catalytic grants and proactively recruits non-AIDS EIs engaged in cutting edge research into AIDS research.
  • Facilitates scientific communication among ERC-CFAR investigators by organizing a bi-weekly Trans-institutional ERC-CFAR research seminar series and the biweekly Clinical AIDS Grand Rounds series both of which are simulcast to all three institutions, ERC-CFAR Invited Speaker Seminars, Annual ERC-CFAR Scientific Retreats to foster scientific interaction.
  • Promotes AIDS Research in the ERC-CFAR via integration with other Einstein programs such as WIHS, the AIDS T32 program and African HIV/AIDS research programs.
  • Facilitates and mentors ESIs in conducting community participatory and behavioral AIDS research via collaboration with the Behavioral Science Core.
  • For further information or to access the Developmental Core services, please contact Drs. Prasad or Cunningham.