Center for Epigenomics

Computational Genomics Core Facility & Resources

While the WASP system solves the problem of primary data analysis for many applications, the integrative analyses and other questions that are not amenable to automation require other solutions.

We have a Computational Genomics Core Facility for this purpose, which will work with you to solve your problem on a fee for service basis.

We can also direct you to the faculty of our Division of Computational Genetics, and to other Einstein resources such as the Department of Systems and Computational Biology and our Biostatistics Core Facility.

WASP System

We have developed the Wiki-based Automated Sequence Processor (WASP) to automate the analysis of most massively-parallel sequencing-based assays.

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We are developing WASP for distribution to other institutions. If you are interested in getting access, please let us know.

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