Center for Epigenomics

Epigenomics Shared Facility (ESF)

The Epigenomics Shared Facility (ESF) has facilities for massively-parallel sequencing and microarrays.

Microarray services, which are being phased out, use Roche-NimbleGen technology.

Massively-parallel sequencing uses Roche FLX (454) or Illumina (HiSeq 2000) platforms.

The ESF performs library preparation for ChIP-seq and for directional miRNA-seq, and the new combined directional miRNA/RNA-seq assay.

Investigators currently make their own libraries for HELP-tagging.

The ESF also provides customized adapters for multiplexing of Illumina libraries, contact them directly for more information.


Protocols are available upon request.

Another excellent resource is from the Roadmap in Epigenomics protocol page.

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