Einstein-Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Biomedical Cores

Animal Physiology Core
The Einstein Animal Physiology Core assists biomedical investigators in the in vivo assessment of glucose and fatty acid metabolism, insulin sensitivity and energy homeostasis in mice and rats.

Biomarker and Analytical Research Core (BARC)
provides cutting-edge technology for the development and quantitative measurement of analytes and hormone biomarkers applicable to human and animal diabetes, obesity and metabolism based research efforts spanning the T1-T3 spectrum.

The Human Islet & Adenovirus Core (HIAC)
provides key methodologies, technology and infrastructure to support investigators in the use of human islets for research studies.

Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core
The Einstein Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core uses stable isotope flux and metabolite profiling to help formulate and test hypotheses about the metabolic consequences of various changes in gene expression and protein function, in order to guide further integrative systems biology analyses of the underlying mechanisms in diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetic complications.

Translational Research Core
The primary mission of the Translational Research Core (TRC) is to promote high-quality diabetes translational research, through delivery of services including consultation, technical support, and training and mentoring in clinical research methods that are specifically applicable to diabetes, its complications and related metabolic defects.

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