Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute

Victor L. Schuster, M.D.

Victor L. Schuster, M.D.Victor L. Schuster, M.D.
Senior Vice-Dean
Professor, Department of Medicine (Nephrology)
Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics
Ted and Florence Baumritter Chair in Medicine

Dr. Schuster’s research laboratory discovered the prostaglandin (PG) transporter PGT and extended the work to human and mouse genetics and drug discovery. His group has advanced the novel hypothesis that PG signaling is akin to neuronal signaling, i.e. the signaling molecule is released and is then taken up again by the same cell for inactivation. By screening a small molecular library and carrying out subsequent lead compound development, the laboratory has developed a series of high-affinity PGT inhibitors that, in pre-clinical studies, mitigate several features of the metabolic syndrome. He is a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Association of American Physicians. full bio>> 

Key Publications

  1. Chang, HY Locker, J Lu,R. Schuster,VL. Failure of Postnatal Ductus Arteriosus Closure in Prostaglandin Transporter–Deficient Mice. Circulation. 121:529-536, 2010.
  2. Chi,Y Schuster,VL. The prostaglandin transporter PGT transports PGH2. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 395: 168-172, 2010
  3. Chi,Y Min,J Jasmin,J-F Lisanti,MP Chang,Y-T Schuster,VL. Development of a high affinity inhibitor of the prostaglandin transporter PGT. J Pharmacol & Exp Therapeut 339: 1-9, 2011
  4. Chi, Y Suadicani,SO Schuster,VL. Regulation of prostaglandin EP1 and EP4 receptor signaling by carrier-mediated ligand reuptake. Pharmacology Research & Perspectives 2: e00051, 2014
  5. Chi, Y Jasmin, J-F Seki, Y Lisati, MP Charron, MJ Lefer, DJ Schuster, VL. Inhibition of the prostaglandin transporter PGT lowers blood pressure in hypertensive rats and mice. PLoS One 10(6): e0131735, 2015

Current Support

  1. Biotechnology support: licensing of PGT inhibitor technology to "PGTi Biosciences" (V. L. Schuster, PI). 2012- present.
  2. NIH 5 P60 DK020541-37 (J. Pessin, P.I.): Pilot & Feasibility Award to V.L. Schuster "Treating obesity by blocking metabolism of endogenous prostaglandins" Apr 1, 2014 – Mar 31, 2016 (total direct costs $133,600).
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