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Bernice E. Morrow, Ph.D.

Bernice E. MorrowBernice E. Morrow, Ph.D.
Sidney L. and Miriam K. Olson Professor in Cardiology;
Director, Division of Translational Genetics, Department of Genetics

The causes of congenital heart defects—present in about 1 percent of live births—are largely unknown, but most are likely due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. To gain insights into genetic causes, Dr. Morrow and her colleagues study a human birth defect syndrome known as velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS)/DiGeorge syndrome (DGS). VCFS/DGS results from a deletion of 40 genes on one of two copies of chromosome 22 (22q11.2). The most common heart defect in patients is tetralogy of Fallot—a hole between the heart’s ventricles, obstruction of blood flow to the lungs, an out-of-place aorta and a thickened right ventricular wall. Dr. Morrow has studied a mouse model of VCFS/DGS and found that one gene in particular, called TBX1, is most vital for normal heart development. The next step is to identify the defect-producing molecular changes that occur when TBX1 is missing, which could lead to gene therapy. full bio>> 

Key Publications

  1. Chung JH, Cai J, Suskin BG, Zhang Z, Coleman K, Morrow BE. Whole Genome Sequencing and Integrative Genomic Analysis Approach on Two 22q112 Deletion Syndrome Family Trios for Genotype to Phenotype Correlations. Hum Mutat. 2015 May 15.
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  3. Racedo SE, McDonald-McGinn DM, Chung JH, Goldmuntz E, Zackai E, Emanuel BS, Zhou B, Funke B, Morrow BE. Mouse and human CRKL is dosage sensitive for cardiac outflow tract formation. Am J Hum Genet. 2015 Feb 5;96(2):235-44.
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