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Albert Einstein Cancer Center Montefiore Medical Center


Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center
Presented by: Silvia Herszkopf, MS, RD, CDN Certified Nutritionist

Learning about nutrition and how to lead a healthy lifestyle was fun and easy through our nutrition workshop led by Silvia Herszkopf, head of the nutrition program at the Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center.

This 2-day workshop covered basic nutrition knowledge as well as cancer-specific topics while engaging patients and loved ones in various fun and thought-provoking activities.

Participants helped each other learn about basic food groups by creating their own collages


Understanding portion sizes and how to read labels was also an important part of the sessions


To incorporate their newfound knowledge and practice their cooking skills, participants made their very own, freshly blended fruit smoothies!

Participant feedback & comments:

"I am happy I joined my wife with this session. [It was] very informative"

"Very good session!"

"I wish it were longer!"

Our popular workshop was now offered to the patients and family members of the oncology clinic of Jacobi Medical Center here in the Bronx.

Please enjoy photos of our Jacobi patients learning about the finer points of nutrition and living healthy lifestyles! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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