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Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

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Postdoctoral positions are available at the Albert Einstein Cancer Center, a major NCI-designated research institute with a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary programs and core laboratory facilities.
Research opportunities encompass: 

Roles of the PI3 kinase signaling pathway in hematopoiesis & leukemia - Dr. Kira Gritsman 

Roleof stromal niche in intestinal stem cell homeostasis and gastrointestinal malignancies - Dr. Subhrajit Saha 

Postdoctoral Position in Analysis of Glioblastoma Invasion - Dr. Jeffrey Segall 

DNA Repair in cells under genotoxic stress - Dr. Carl Schildkraut 

Replication of telomeres in human embryonic stem cells - Dr. Carl Schildkraut 

Cell fate decisions of normal- and leukemia-stem cells - Dr. Keisuke Ito 

Study of Human Papillomavirus molecular Pathogenesis - Dr. Robert Burk 

The epigenetics of lung carcinogenesis - Dr. Spivak 

Glycans in cancer, immunity, development and Notch signalling - Dr. P. Stanley 

Studies on intestinal stem cell secretomes - Dr. Mani 

Resistance mechanisms targeted and anti-angiogenic drugs - Drs. Schwartz and Perez-Soler 

Drug transporters - molecule genetics, resistance, structure-function - Dr. I. D. Goldman 

Postdoctoral Position in Drosophila development - Dr. Nicholas Baker 

Postdoctoral training in cell and cancer biology of metastasis - Drs. Maja Oktay and John Condeelis 


To learn more about these projects and their faculty members, please click on the links above.  You may also contact the individual faculty member listed above. 


The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is located in a residential area of the North East Bronx in close proximity to City Island and Westchester County with easy access to Manhattan. Apply through the Cancer Center Web Page, email, or write to: Dr. Richard Seither, Associate Director for Administration, Albert Einstein Cancer Center, Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus, Chanin Two, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx, New York 10461. 


The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is an equal opportunity employer.


Message From the Director

I. David Goldman, M.D.

Since the start of the 20th century, scientists have sought ways of harnessing the immune system to attack cancer cells. The challenge has been enormous. The immune system is designed to destroy foreign ... 

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