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Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Research in this laboratory focuses on elucidating the role stem cell program in breast cancer pathogenesis. These studies are built on our recent findings in normal and malignant breast stem cells (Cell Reports 18: 2825-2835, 2017; Cell Reports 16: 3146-3156, 2016; Cell 148: 1015-1028, 2012; Cell 133: 704-715, 2008). The focus of this position will be on epigenetic regulation of mammary stem cells and cancer stem cells. A successful candidate should have a strong training background in cancer biology, stem cell biology, and/or epigenetics.



Please e-mail your CV and cover letter focusing on your interests and goals, along with contact information (and/or letters) from three referees to:  Dr. Wenjun Guo  


Wenjun Guo

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine is an equal opportunity employer committed to workforce diversity. 



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I. David Goldman, M.D.

Since the start of the 20th century, scientists have sought ways of harnessing the immune system to attack cancer cells. The challenge has been enormous. The immune system is designed to destroy foreign ... 

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Statement in Support of HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention  

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