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Postdoctoral Position Available in Microbiome Research


Host-Microbe Interactions, Microbial Genetics, Metagenomics/Metabolomics, inflammation and Cancer


Laboratory of Dr. Sridhar Mani

Albert Einstein Cancer Center

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A postdoctoral fellow is sought to participate in an expanding NCI- and DOD- funded research program on novel aspects of the mammalian microbiome.

Research Focus: The laboratory is focused on the study of orphan nuclear receptors, specifically the Pregnane X Receptor (PXR), that recognize xenobiotics (and endobiotics) as ligands and their effects on mammalian physiology and pathophysiology. Recently, we have shown that microbial metabolites can serve as ligands for these receptors that impact on intestinal physiology and pathophysiology (Immunity, 2014).  In recent work, we have identified new and novel bacterial species/strains from the enteric microbiota. Research is directed to studies on the importance of these species to host physiology and pathophysiology (inflammation, cancer). Studies will encompass mechanisms of host-microbe (and microbe-host) interactions and their impact on inflammation and premalignant to malignant processes. Also of interest are mechanisms of bacterial biofilms using both genetic, biochemical and biophysical approaches.  

Candidate Requirements: A recent doctoral degree or equivalent (e.g., MD or MD/PhD or PhD. A track-record of first-authored publications reflecting doctoral research. There is an emphasis on abilities in new methods development and interest in exploring novel scientific approaches. Analytical/reasoning skills. Prior experience in microbiome, mouse work and/or metagenomics is preferred but not essential. 

Scientific Environment: The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is known for the quality of its science, collegiality of its faculty, and the strength of its core facilities that support research. The Albert Einstein Cancer Center is one of the first NCI-designated cancer centers established in the United States in 1972. The Center’s research programs, of which this laboratory is a participant, encompass (i) Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis, (ii) Stem Cells, Differentiation and Cancer, (iii) Experimental Therapeutics, (iv)The Biology of Colon Cancer and (iv) Cancer Epidemiology. The College located in residential area in the Northeast Bronx in proximity to the Long Island Sound, Westchester County and is an easy commute to Manhattan. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages with postdoctoral housing opportunities on campus.


Applications: Submit  your  CV  and  cover  letter,  focusing  on  your  interests  and  goals, and provide  the names of three references who have worked closely with you in research to:  


Sridhar Mani

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine is an equal opportunity employer committed to workforce diversity. 



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