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The role of dynamic DNA structures in the etiology of cancer, fragile X syndrome, autism & telomere dysfunction.

A Post-doctoral Research Fellow position is available to study the role of genome replication in the maintenance of genome integrity. The candidate will conduct research focusing on the role of unusual DNA sequences in the etiology of cancer, fragile X syndrome, autism and other diseases. 


This laboratory is making significant progress in understanding how DNA replication proceeds in human embryonic stem cells derived from patients.  For example, we have studied DNA replication in ESCs derived from women at risk for giving birth to sons who will have fragile X syndrome (FXS) and mental retardation.  The cause of FXS is believed to be due to instability of the trinucleotide repeat (TNR) DNA base sequence CGG near the fragile X gene.   We have provided evidence, for the first time in human embryonic stem cells, for a model of DNA replication that indicates how this expansion occurs. The results of our studies reveal a potential common replication mechanism for repeat instability in TNR diseases (more than 40 have been identified) in human cells.


Unusual regions in chromosomes challenge faithful replication of the genome. Understanding how these regions are replicated both normally and under stress should have important implications for development, predisposition to disease and the management of therapies such as the use of many cancer drugs that target the process of DNA replication. Errors in replication can lead to cancer and neurological disorders such as Fragile X syndrome, the most common form of inherited mental retardation in males and the most common single gene cause of autism.  Cancer cells have chromosomal rearrangements that often occur at genomic loci called chromosomal fragile sites.  One project involves determining the mechanisms resulting in DNA breaks at these sites leading to chromosomal rearrangements.


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