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Human Papillomavirus, Microbiome, and Computational Biology Research

 An opening for an individual with an interest in molecular evolution and systems biology to join an established group with long-term funding. The individual will join a renowned HPV laboratory studying the epigenetic changes in the viral genome with cancer development and the molecular evolution of human papillomaviruses (HPV).  In addition, studies on the cervical, oral and gut microbiome and human disease represent an extension of our studies on the “HPV virome”. Our group seeks an energetic and creative individual with strong analytic/computational skills to work on human papillomavirus evolution and analysis of the microbiome using Next-Gen sequencing. We are using evolutionary biologic approaches to understand why some HPVs cause cancer and others do not.  We are translating analytic epidemiological studies into biochemical and genetic experiments to understand the molecular basis of these processes.  Previous training in studies of epigenetics/methylation, evolutionary biology, systems biology or other highly quantitative disciplines/bioinformatics required. Appointment at post-doctoral, research assistant, or instructor/associate (non-tenure faculty) level available with funding for 4+ years depending on experience and qualifications. 



Dr. Robert D. Burk, Professor  Publications from pubmed  




Message From the Director

I. David Goldman, M.D.

Since the start of the 20th century, scientists have sought ways of harnessing the immune system to attack cancer cells. The challenge has been enormous. The immune system is designed to destroy foreign ... 

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Statement in Support of HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention  

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