Program Leader: Matthew Scharff

The goals of the Immuno-oncology program are:

  • To determine how defects in the targeting of the genomic instability of immunoglobulin genes required for the generation of antibody diversity lead to the mutations and translocations that cause B cell lymphomas and to search for ways to prevent such errors. One objective is to develop therapeutics targeted specifically to molecularly distinct B-cell lymphoma variants.
  • To better understand how antigen is presented to T cells and how to manipulate that process to increase the immunogenicity of tumors and cancer vaccines.
  • To develop and apply new immune therapies with a focus on radio-immunotherapy and vaccines to viral-induced tumors.

Translational accomplishments include the development of a anti-melanin-mAb-radionuclide therapeutic, which emerged from studies on fungal melanin, that will enter clinical trials in 2007.