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Sirtuins in Aging

One of the most promising lines of investigation in the biology of aging is the ability of the sirtuin family of NAD-dependent histone deacetylases to enhance life span in yeast 48, flies49, and nematodes (Guarente, Helfand). Furthermore resveratrol, the mammalian SIRT1 activator50, increased the life span of high fat fed animals51, and healthy life span52 in normal fed animals (Sinclair). Transgenic Sirt1 animals show improved insulin action (Accili)53 that may work acutely through the hypothalamus (Knight, Barzilai), and chronically through changes in mitochondrial biogenesis (Nair) in models and humans (Hawkins, Crandall). Other sirtuins54 also have a role in glucose metabolism (Haigis), and sirtuin genetics in humans (Suh) are under investigation.

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