Institute for Aging Research

Roles of Genes in Exceptional Longevity in Humans

Project Goal 

  1. To identify genes that contribute to exceptional longevity in humans, and analyze associations of these genes with age-related diseases and longevity (Barzilai).
  2. To discover additional longevity genes, aging genes, to discern interactive/protective pathways by utilizing high throughput methods (Bergman)
  3. To identify new polymorphisms in major genes in the GH/IGF pathway and their relationship to GH/IGF levels, function and age-related diseases (Barzilai, Suh, Cohen)

A cohort of offspring of centenarians and age-gender-matched controls will be followed prospectively, to determine the incidence of cardiovascular disease (Rajpathak) and cognitive impairment (Lipton), pursuing investigation into favorable genotypes and their phenotypic expression.

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