Institute for Aging Research

Richard Lipton, MD

Dr. Richard B. Lipton is Principal Investigator of the Einstein Aging Study. His work has a new focus on pain in the elderly as it influences cognition. 

Dr. Lipton’s current and future research efforts are focused on the following:  

  • Developing approaches to improve the health of individuals over the age of 70 by promoting successful brain aging and cognitive vitality 
  • Preventing diseases that affect memory loss 
  • Preventing falls and promoting the maintenance of independent functioning  

Dr. Lipton is nationally and internationally known for his clinical contributions in the areas of headaches and migraines. In related efforts he is assessing the influence of stress and pain on aging and cognitive function.  (Neurology. 2008; J Int Neuropsychol Soc. 2008; Neurology. 2007).  

Dr. Lipton also directs a project describing, and further investigating, a genotype protective against age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease (Neurology. 2006)  


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